The Ten Best Things About Lockdown

It’s not been all bad, by any means. I don’t know how it’s been for everyone else, but I’ve quite enjoyed some of the time.

One – being paid not to work. As far as I can see, there is no downside to this. I like my work, but I prefer being paid for nothing. This is different from my normal occupation where I have to go to the shop for six hours a day, where I am paid for doing very little work.

Two – spending more time with my wife. Again, what’s not to like? I know not everybody is as lucky as me in their choice of partner.  Julia, for instance, doesn’t seem as keen on this aspect of the lockdown.


Bee in Cranesbill

Three – clean air. I have to take the Government’s word for this, but, unusually, they seem to be telling the truth. This has to be good.

Four – less traffic. I’ve been able to drive to hospital for blood tests and get a parking space. Luxury.

Five – free parking. I won’t lie to you, I am extremely mean and if I can save a couple of quid I will do. The hospital car park is free for the moment as they don’t want to handle all that dirty cash.

Six – I’m still on the same tank of fuel I had in March. I haven’t been able to go anywhere, but the money in the bank is handy. (See Five)

Seven – relaxation. The first couple of months made me feel years younger. After that, I have to admit, it began getting more stressful.

Eight – I did get some useful work done, though not enough. However, the bit that I did has been worth doing.

Pie, gravy and roasted veg

Pie, gravy and roasted veg

Nine – we ate lots of healthy vegetables and are feeling better as a result. Apart from one disastrous KFC we haven’t had a takeaway delivery all lockdown. We have been having fish and chips on Fridays since the shop reopened, but fish is good for you and I’ve been leaving half the batter and some of the chips, They give you too many chips. I’m pretty sure that complaining about having too many chips is a sign of age…

Ten – I haven’t needed to speak to anyone. Social interaction is, in my opinion, over-rated. I’ve texted a few people and been on WordPress to exchange a few views. That’s enough. Within that circle I have enough people and they are all sensible people. Mainly. One has been making films with Sooty, but there is always one. Talking to more people just involves me with being tactful to idiots. This isn’t at the top of my list of skills. That’s why I’m not often called to deal with customers these days.

That’s it. I’ve been lucky in lockdown and I intend to stay lucky by remaining in isolation for a while longer.



22 thoughts on “The Ten Best Things About Lockdown

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  2. Helen

    If only I’d been able to take some time out… By the way, that’s no reflection on you or anyone else in your position, simply a wish on my part to have got off the hamster wheel for a time.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was very lucky from a number of points of view.

      Trying to work from home and provide home schooling must have been a high stress way of spending lockdown. If the kids had still been at home I don’t know how we would have coped.

      Julia’s lockdown work experience has been very different to mine, with clients calling, conference calls and job being under threat.

      1. Helen

        Yes, it must have been stressful for Julia.

        Fortunately, I haven’t had to homeschool as much as parents with younger children but of course your mind can’t be completely on your work as it would be in the workplace.

      2. Helen

        We’re not allowed on the campus, so unfortunately that isn’t an option. But it has saved me loads of money and it’s nice to have more time with my daughter. So, there is definitely an upside 😊

  3. tootlepedal

    It is interesting to me to note my own reaction to seeing people standing close together in films. I think, “How unhealthy.” It is going to take a bit of adjustment to get used to ‘normal’ life again.

    1. Helen

      A friend and I were talking about this very reaction! In a way, it’s good that we have internalised social distancing but I do look forward to not having to constantly be on guard.

      1. quercuscommunity

        Yes, it’s a peculiar thing. I expect in 20 years I will still be walking round people in the street and teenagers will point me out as one of the psychiatric casualties of the lockdown. 🙂

  4. Lavinia Ross

    Enjoy the downtime while it lasts, Quercus, although I don’t think things going back to “normal”, as we all knew it, will happen for a long time, if ever.

    The bee in the cranesbill is an outstanding photo.


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