Time, Travel and Temporal Trickery

A few days ago I noted that the time on my computer was wrong. This seems to have corrected itself.

I reset the clock at work last week because it seemed to have slowed down during lockdown. We though the battery might be running down but it has now been keeping good time for over a week.

Then, last night, when I tried to set the alarm, using my phone as I do these days (look at me being all 21st Century), I realised that the time was wrong. All the world time was wrong. And the calendar was reading 17th June 2017. To be honest, I could do with going back in time three years and sorting a few bits out, so I wasn’t too upset.

It would be just far enough back in time to make a few improvements, but not far enough back to involve reliving the bad bits, like adolescence.

Obviously it was too good to be true, and as nothing else seemed to have changed, I checked the time on Julia’s phone, set a timer instead of the alarm, and went to sleep.

In the morning, with daylight and glasses, I reset the time and all seems back to normal.

black and yellow analog clock

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

I have no idea why this happened, or why any of the previous incidents happened. May be clocks are joining in with the rest of the world in a widespread campaign to hate me.

It was my day off yesterday. Julia allowed me to drive her to the laundrette. It is the first time since lockdown. We have nice clean laundry and it smells good because it dried on the line. She has done some things by hand, so standards have been preserved, though I have mainly just aired, rotated and relied on my large stock of shirts and underwear which almost fit. There’s been a certain amount of breathing in as I got to the older stuff, but no disasters so far.

After lunch she allowed me to drive her to the gardens so she could check they were still OK. The grass is growing. We saw a greenfinch.

On the way back we saw two rows of traffic stop as they allowed a lady cyclist to retrieve her hat, which had been blown off. It was a comfort to see that manners still exist, though there was a bit of me that wondered why she didn’t have a string to hold it on.

Tomorrow I have a blood test, followed by dropping Julia off at work and then going to work myself. In the afternoon I will reverse the process (apart from the blood test).

If it wasn’t for the time travel I would lead a very dull life.

brass pocket watches

Photo by abdullah . on Pexels.com



17 thoughts on “Time, Travel and Temporal Trickery

  1. Helen

    The time on my iPhone is permanently wrong. Or maybe it’s the rest of the world…

    Anyway, I am glad you can use the laundrette again.

  2. derrickjknight

    Jackie’s Microsoft and my Mac show different times. The most reliable clock we have is 200 years old. But we do have to remember to wind it up. Good luck with the blood test

    1. quercuscommunity

      It is a great picture. I really need to take more library shots as I could then use my own pictures. Pexels is good though, I’ve been using them more and more in lockdown.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    I am glad to hear you are getting out again, Quercus. Stay safe, and well.

    It’s been a beautiful day here, sunny and not too hot today. I’ll be picking some cherries this evening.

      1. jodierichelle

        We let our cherry tree get too big, so it is shade for us and food for the birds. So weird about the time stuff. I am still not back to work. Most of my clients have allowed me to work from home during the pandemic, and they are slowly opening back up. I’m not sure I am ready. i go nowhere except necessary grocery store, gas station, and post office trips. I am going to have to learn how to reign in my fears.

      2. quercuscommunity

        I’d wait until the second peak if I were you – then you;ll be able to decide if your fears were well-founded or not. We are staying isolated and waiting to see what happens. At the moment I think your caution is a good and sensible thing. If you have a tree for shade and can works from home why go out?

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