Some Thoughts and a Few Photos

I’m feeling lazy today, so I am sitting watching TV as I blog. This is why I started to limit myself to 30 minutes of writing, as writing like this can easily spread to three or four hours.

I’m trying out a new typing finger as the first two on my right hand are now aching from arthritis and one of the joints is red and swollen. I’m now using my ring finger, with a little help from the little finger. It seems to be working out alright.

Bee on Chives - Wilford

Bee on Chives – Wilford

When I sit at the table and use the both hands it isn’t so bad, but when I’m sitting in front of the TV I have to use my left hand to hold the netbook.

The accuracy isn’t all it could be, but I’m sure that will come with practice. It is a whole new chapter in my story of old age and hypochondria.

Damsel Fly - Wilford

Damsel Fly – Wilford

The hospital rang this morning for a telephone consultation. My blood test results were all good, which is nice to know and, as the new drug isn’t doing much, I have been told to increase the dose from next Tuesday.

I also have to keep notes of the swelling of my fingers. The good news on this subject is that my feet are not as painful as usual, so the drugs could be working. If I could learn to type with my feet this would be the answer to my typing problems.

Iris at Mencap Gardens

Iris at Mencap Gardens

The photographs are a selection from yesterday. The damsel fly and bumblebee took some getting. The waterlily was easier, as they tend not to flit about.

I’m wondering if I could start a whole new genre of misery memoirs, featuring old men grumbling about illness, technology and how things used to be better. For “misery memoir” substitute “curmudgeon chronicles”.


18 thoughts on “Some Thoughts and a Few Photos

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  2. jodierichelle

    Stunning photos. Beautiful job, I checked the attribution because I figured you had purloined them from the web. : ) Hope you are feeling better soon. Sunshine and fresh air work wonders if you get a good day over there. I can attest.

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  3. tootlepedal

    I must have been mistaken. I thought that I had been reading curmudgeonly chronicles for some time now.

    Well taken damsel fly. I have been waiting vainly for years to take a picture of one.

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      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen any this year. I think you need sunshine, and though I’m loath to cast aspersions on Scottish weather, I have an inkling of why you are having trouble finding one. šŸ™‚


      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        The one in the Mencap garden (the one with the water lily) doesn’t attract them. The one in the school garden, just 20 yards away, had about a dozen and I got the shots. The vegetation in the school pond is, we think, more attractive for resting.


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