Just a Year Ago

The rain photo in the header was taken exactly a year ago, on 3rd April 2019 as I tried to pull away from the kerb after visiting a local shop. That is currently shut. I can’t say that I’ve been pleased at the way my life has developed, and wasn’t exactly on a high when I took that photo, but I can’t say things have improved over the last year.

On the other hand, it’s not raining today.

The flower photos are all from the Mencap Garden in Wilford. The garden is currently shut, and so is Mencap. The clients are all well, and getting bored being at home. I can tell that from the number of calls Julia gets from people complaining they are bored. They can’t all understand why they are being kept at home, and one actually thinks it’s because of a fault at the garden. He is unable to grasp the concept that the country, possibly the world, has closed down. To be honest, so do I.


Unfortunately they don’t all have a good grasp of time or the social niceties of telephone calls, tending to ring when they think about it, regardless of it being 7 am or midnight.

One of the saddest sights I’ve seen in recent weeks was a young man crying in TESCO. He was in his 20s, had learning difficulties and was accompanied by a career (or possibly his mother – I only saw them for a moment). He couldn’t understand where all the food had gone and why he couldn’t buy the things he wanted.

Just over two percent of the UK population have learning difficulties. The world is a frightening place for many of them at the best of times, but I’d hate to think what it is like for them at the moment.

Some, who have family support (and money) will be fine. Others, lacking family and financial stability, will not be doing so well.

I’m going to post some flower pictures from 4th April last year and then I’m going to count my blessings.

29 thoughts on “Just a Year Ago

  1. Helen

    Yes, for some of us, life is a lot more pleasant than for others. That poor man you mention who couldn’t comprehend what was happening….

      1. Helen

        Well, that is gracious of you but realistically there are people who have more cause to be humble than you. I was talking to my dad about how greedy I think some of my colleagues have been to strike for more pay when I fear what they would do with it is simply fly more etc.

  2. tootlepedal

    The whole situation is gloomy. The only bright spot which I sometimes reflect upon is that less young children in cities and towns are having their brain capacity affected by poisoning from passing motor vehicles for a while at least.

  3. arlingwoman

    It’s scary when something doesn’t make sense, that’s for sure. If I were Julia, I’d turn the phone off after her work hours. Your sons can email if they want a call…

      1. Helen

        Her phone might have the facility to (temporarily) block all numbers apart from ones specifically listed. I’ve not used that feature but if Julia’s has such, it might be good for her wellbeing.

        Some of my colleagues have been getting students calling (through Microsoft TEAMS) at all times of the day and night – I hope they have now found the disable notifications button.

      2. quercuscommunity

        It’s tricky – they’ve already had one threat of suicide. It came to nothing but you wouldn’t want to be the one who blocked a message like that.

      1. Laurie Graves

        Yes, over and over Clif and I marvel at how lucky we are to have a snug house, enough income to cover our monthly bills, and plenty to eat. Others are not as lucky.

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