The Story So Far

I think all the positivity of my last few posts has exhausted me. It’s not easy being cheerful when the whole world seems set on misery. Earlier tonight I was listening to a negative, whining politician tonight as he made a selection of party-political points and offered nothing useful. This, of course, is merely reverting to type. They behaved like a basket of weasels through the whole Brexit debate, briefly grew up at the start of the Covid outbreak and are now reverting to type.

The country is led by a man who has made all his political decisions based on how it would help his career, so you can’t blame any of his verminous fellows who are trying to further their careers in the current climate. It may be a tragedy for the us, but it’s a career opportunity for them.

Today, after reading more of the 1700 book, I have mainly been watching TV, reading blog sites and searching newspaper archives. There are worse ways of spending a day.

Julia’s day started at 6.55 when someone rang her. It was a wrong number. It finished at 20.15 when some of the clients decided to conference call her. They get bored and ring at all times, having no concept of working hours. It’s very wearing.

Tomorrow will be similar, but may feature a trip to the pharmacy. I really must start measuring medallions too. It’s time to start making lists so that I do actually accomplish something. I can then bore people with stories of what I did in the Great Lockdown of 2020.

Good news from earlier in the week is that pollution levels are falling because we aren’t using cars as much.

12 thoughts on “The Story So Far

  1. tootlepedal

    I think that a low point came when Michael Gove told us that the government was putting its arms round everyone. A horrible image of being embraced by Boris Johnson came to mind and I felt a lot worse than I had before.

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  2. Cherryl

    Beautiful flowers in your garden….πŸŒΌπŸ€—I sometimes think trying to be positive ‘all the time’ is a type of self-denial if that’s not how you truly feel, so it’s healthy to just be honest and talk about it, but don’t lose sight of the good things that make you feel good too!! πŸ”†

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  3. Laurie Graves

    It’s really odd how the U.S. and England seemed to be twined together in politics. We had Reagan, you had Thatcher. Then there was Blair and Clinton. Now Boris and Trump. The Canadian writer Robertson Davies once described the situation this way: With England, Canada was the dutiful daughter and the U.S. was the wayward child and parents always love the wayward child the best. Whatever the case, our fortunes seem to be linked in a way they aren’t with other countries. I hope brighter days are on the horizon for both our countries.

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  4. arlingwoman

    I like the image of tube worms. Think I may be one. Had a stressful experience at the store today, but don’t have to go back for at least two weeks and if I can stretch it a bit longer, I will. But still no TP available. Apparently people are coming out at 5 in the morning and cleaning off the shelves. Guess I may have to do the same.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      The good news is that we seem to be getting back to normal with supplies. Hopefully you will do the same soon. It’s ludicrous the way people keep hoarding. However, if supplies don’t return you will have little choice but to go to the shop at 5am. Or, in extremity, go to the shops later and steal the paper out of their toilets. πŸ™‚

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  5. Lavinia Ross

    The flowers look beautiful, Quercus, and I am glad to hear pollution is falling. The roads have been quieter here, too. I am sorry to hear about Julia being bothered off hours. That is not helpful to have that happening, especially now.

    A cold and rainy day here, good for staying in the burrow. The cats have migrated to available heating vents around the house, like deep sea tube worms congregating at a hydrothermal vent. They are good, fuzzy little tube worms. πŸ™‚

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