Twenty Minutes in a Car Park

While Julia queued to buy her blood pressure machine, I had twenty minutes to amuse myself in a car park. It is on Mansfield Street, in case you couldn’t guess. It is actually known as Hall St car park because that is where the entrance is. If I’d thought, I would have taken a shot of the Hall St sign instead.

Hall St, Sherwood, Nottingham

Hall St, Sherwood, Nottingham

The purple shop on the left of the shot sells New Age stuff. I’m not quite clear on what it actually does as it’s not the sort of place I’d be tempted to enter. I’m not criticising anyone, or their beliefs, but like sky-diving and colonic irrigation I just know it’s not for me.

The flats at the back are built on the site of the old Sherwood Station, part of the Nottingham Suburban Railway. It was not a successful railway, being expensive to build and never really getting into its stride.

It’s a nicely presented building with a great painting of a cat on it. Several other local buildings are also decorated, I really should make an effort to photograph them.


Closed Gym

The Gym, now closed for the duration of the virus outbreak, used to be a supermarket. It was redeveloped about ten years ago. Before that it had been a supermarket but it was still housed in a building that had definitely been a cinema. Despite the Kwik-Save signs it was definitely a cinema.


Sign showing that the space is reserved for 1950’s motor-cycles


Sign to ban fly-tipping. Modern psychological theory is that the eye makes you think people are looking at you. and this makes you obey the law.

There used to be a lot of fly-tipping next to the recycling bins because people are too lazy to take stuff away if there isn’t a bin for it, or if the bin is full. The signs were not terribly successful, but all tipping has stopped since they removed the recycling bins. Another depressing look at modern life.

There were no interesting flowers to photograph and no insect life. Not even any interesting litter.

Then Julia came back.

21 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes in a Car Park

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  2. tootlepedal

    It is normal to put out public bins for recycling and then not to empty them frequently enough to stop them overflowing. Someone somewhere must think it’s funny.

  3. jodierichelle

    Yes! That building is EXACTLY the kind of building I would have to enter! I’n not into crystals and such, but I’d just want to meet the awesome people inside.

  4. Laurie Graves

    Very nice cat! Fly-tipping is when people just leave their rubbish next to a bin that is too full to take anymore? Curious expression, one we don’t use here.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Fly-tipping is like littering on a large scale – any unlicensed dumping of waste, from a bag of rubbish to a lorryload. As councils make it harder and more expensive to dump waste, the problem grows.

  5. Helen

    I think throwing litter about is part of the human condition. Or should I say a normal behaviour for all creatures. It’s just that we should know better than to engage in fly-tipping.

    Anyway, it seems that your time was well spent waiting for Julia to return with a blood pressure testing kit.


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