Instant Ink. Or Not.

We are having trouble with the printer at work. It has stopped printing properly, and we didn’t originally notice until it had mis-printed ten sheets. This is an annoying waste. Yes, I can use the paper as scrap note paper, but we use the so-called “Instant Ink” service from the printer company and this is ten sheets towards our monthly target, even though they are useless.

In theory, the system is good, and cheap, but in practice it doesn’t seem to work quite as efficiently as it should. And when we end up with a faulty cartridge we can’t print and we are having to get by with no buying slips and a limited number of compliments slips for parcels. We can get round the former problem by writing things in a notebook, but it doesn’t look professional. We can get round the latter with business cards, but again, it isn’t quite so good, as they don’t deliver the same sales message.

The worst thing is that if we get an eBay order which uses Cyrillic or Chinese script, as they often do, we can’t print an address label out, and we certainly can’t hand write them. I’m hoping we will have the new cartridge by Monday, but can’t help thinking that under the old system (a spare cartridge in the drawer) we would already be back in action.

They call it “Instant Ink”, but we reported it yesterday, so surely we should have our new cartridge today? It was, after all, their faulty cartridge that has caused the problem, and many companies seem to be able to deliver in less than a day, even when they don’t call themselves “Instant”.

Ah well, just one more gripe about modern life.

The strange thing is that the more I look at it, the more efficient and economic it appears. I might actually have found something about modern life I approve of, which is not usual.

Today’s photo is one I took ages ago at Springfield’s when I was waiting for Julia and messing about with the camera. It’s a pattern of paving stones taken using the day-glo pink effect known as “Punk”. Presumably because it was an effect used on Punk posters. Though it might be a mis-print for “Pink”.

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    1. quercuscommunity

      They are also a continuing source of income to the manufacturers, I suspect. Considering that they are sometimes cheaper than the ink cartridges I view them as a symptom of modern consumerism and would love to do without one, but it’s difficult to do so.


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