Scone Chronicles – 34

This time it’s a hot pork sandwich.

We didn’t want much for lunch, having had a scone for elevenses, so before setting off home after our day in Derbyshire (the one last week, not this week) we did some thinking.

There were several places to purchase chips, but that seemed a bit much. There were other choices nearby, but I was Β feeling lazy. So, something light, and something where we didn’t have to move far.

We happened to be standing just yards from the Bakewell Pudding Parlour. I’ve had the hot pork sandwich before. We’ve also had the macaroons and other things from there, which always helps – it’s good to buy from places you trust.

And that is what happened.

We had the hot pork sandwich with stuffing and apple sauce and we ate it outside, where they provide chairs and tables. We weren’t only ones to sit out, so it must be a sign that spring is coming. It also gave me chance to watch dog owners talking to each other and to take a photograph of yet another padlock.

It’s a good-sized sandwich, and with hindsight was probably a bit bigger than I really needed. There was plenty of pork and reasonable amount of stuffing. The apple was a bit runny.

All in all, not quite as good as it could have been, and probably not one I’d repeat. However, I will still go there for other food, as I do like it, and I like eating whilst watching people walk past.

Before Derrick jumps in to tell you that you can’t beat the pork cobs in Newark market place, I am going to provide you with that information, as it is true.. Their pork is more succulent, and everything else is just a bit better. And they give you crackling.

With my teeth that’s a bit like Russian Roulette, but don’t you love a nice bit of pork crackling?Β Or is that just me?

So if you ever find yourself in Newark – Nottinghamshire, not New Jersey – give it a try.

13 thoughts on “Scone Chronicles – 34

  1. Laurie Graves

    Eating outside in February! The thought boggles the mind of this Mainer. πŸ˜‰ Also clicked through to see the picture of Julia with the macaroons. My, those sure look different from ours, which tend to be flat rather than cone shaped. Whatever the shape, they are utterly delicious, and I must admit I like mine covered with a bit of chocolate. Now that’s gilding the lily, don’t you think?

  2. jodierichelle

    Wow – so glad I dropped by to see this post! It had all the things I love – you talking about macaroons (you know I had to click on that link hoping for Julia – and I was not disappointed!) AND – it had you talking about New Jersey – which is where I live. I am completely fulfilled.


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