Here’s the answer. What is the question?

Two pairs of cheap reading glasses – both broken.

Eight pens.

One pencil.

Two pairs of hairdresser’s scissors.

A selection of sticking plasters.

A wedding anniversary card from Julia with cute teddy bears on it.

The Card

The Card

Ninety three pence in 10s, 5s, 2s and 1s.

A pair of binoculars, approximately 25 years old.

A key chain with a key on it. It belongs to a briefcase I don’t remember using for thirty years.

A tub of damp chewing gum pieces.

A spray bottle of windscreen de-icer.

An assortment of painkillers and indigestion pills.

Two Euros and fifty cents.

Garage bills.

Lots of scrappy bits of paper. Some with notes and ideas on them. Some with unreadable scrawl on them.

A jeweller’s eyeglass on a neck cord. I wondered what I’d done with that.

An Order of Service for my cousin’s funeral.

I could probably turn this into a poem.

But the answer is…

…do you recall the slight car accidentย I had last year, the one where they had to take it away and touch up a wheel arch? Well, I had to empty the glove compartment and door pockets of the car. I did so, put it all in a shopping bag, added it to the pile of chaos in the house and forgot about it.

That list is the contents of the shopping bag I just found.

It was, I admit, an unfair question,

Even I didn’t know the answer until I got to the de-icer.

There will be more later, but I’m leading in gently. It has been one of those days and I’m going to sit with Julia, who just arrived home, and have a cup of tea,


20 thoughts on “Here’s the answer. What is the question?

      1. quercuscommunity

        I comb my beard at traffic lights but even I would think twice before waving a sharp instrument about near my throat. I really don’t recall how they got there.

      1. quercuscommunity

        Our kitchen drawer would be an equally good candidate for a post. I’m not sure what lurks in there, though I do recall it contains several dismantled die-cast toys, table mats we never use, and bent candles.

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