The Accuracy Paradox

There is a built-in inaccuracy to all my blog posts – I am not really the cheerful happy-go-lucky soul which I portray.

The real paradox though, is that I am, just before writing, one post behind my target. As soon as I start to write the words “I am one post behind” this has the effect of bringing into being the post that means I have caught up.

It means I’m never quite right with what I write. And to think that I thought the chronology was a problem…

Timewise I’m just about to start a post that shows some of the walk we undertook before the tea and biscuits I wrote about in the last post. This is my fault, I just found it easier to write about.

However, this is is a small time slip compared to the one that has occurred with the Scone Chronicles. I had one to write when I got shut out of WordPress and though I have been catching up I’m still not quite back in line. It’s a good one, but I seem to lack the relaxed time I want to just sit and write.

The swan was a bit too friendly and had no concept of personal space. I wasn’t using a zoom lens for that close-up, I was trying to pull back because I was so close I couldn’t get it all in the frame.

The stones on the hill have been put there by the water company as an homage to the various pre-historic stone circles of Derbyshire. To be honest with you, until I read that link I thought there were only three.

I have, to be honest, used the “Dramatic” setting for two of the shots. The other, taken into the sun with a newly-cleaned lens, did not turn out with quite as much flare as I was expecting. Clearly I need more dirt and finger marks on the lens if I’m going for maximum flare.

I’m now in a position to push the button and post. Then I will truly be able to say I’m up to date.

24 thoughts on “The Accuracy Paradox

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  2. Helen

    On a completely different note to my previous comment, I am trying to persuade my sister that Carsington Water is a good place for us to meet up at Easter. I like the wooden statues.

    1. quercuscommunity

      🙂 I have obtained a neutral density filter as additional lens protection for the new camera, and bought some protectors for the screen too. Now all I need to do is use it. I suddenly feel I am happy with the old one…

  3. Sharon

    I wish I could post as often as you do, I struggle to a) find something to post about and b) the time to write the post, the best I can ever manage is to post every couple of days, discipline, clearly I need to work on discipline.
    Photos are lovely and the sculptures are great, the water vole looks very like a wombat, although I am sure they are not as large.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I see what you mean. I’m fairly sure I could fit a couple of water voles into the palm of my hand, if not more. I believe this would not be possible with two wombats. Or even one.

      To post regularly you merely need to make the blog your priority. Once you discard your social life, housework and sense of balance the rest is easy. 🙂

      I’m seriously thinking of reducing to three times a week as I need the time for other things.but if I do I tend to lose the discipline.

      However, there are no rules and if you find three times a week works for you, don’t worry.

  4. The Belmont Rooster

    Great photos! Maybe the swan was hoping for a biscuit. I remember an overly friendly Swan once and you had to make sure your hands were in your pockets. At least you are caught up posting. I am behind reading posts!

    1. quercuscommunity

      I sympathise – I am way behind on reading. I’m sure the swan makes a good living through the year, ambushing tourists. 🙂 Winter must be a bit of a lean time, but it always has a lake full of weed to feed on.


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