Scone Chronicles XXIX – Dry, Disappointing and Drizzleless

We saw an interesting sign today whilst shopping. It was outside Wagamamas, and advertises “Vegan Tuna”.


Vegan Tuna? No chance!

This is slightly confusing from a grammatical point of view. As a lifestyle choice, this is unlikely as I can’t see tuna ever sticking to an ethical vegetarian diet. It is even less likely from a biological point of view as tuna are made of meat.

I’m also tempted to say that there’s something strange about a vegan eating something dressed up to look like meat. Not just vegans, any vegetarian in fact. I’ve never really been a fan of any vegetarian food dressed up as meat.

We had Thai green curry tonight, with mini corn cobs, mangetout peas, broccoli, carrots and cashews. You don’t need quorn or fake tuna to make perfectly good vegetarian food.

Talking of which, and getting back to the point, vegan tuna is made from dried watermelon. It looks like thinly sliced tuna and, it seems, tastes like watermelon. It’s Β£12.95 a portion. That seems like a comfortable profit margin.

This isn’t actually the thing I was going to write about. We had coffee and lemon drizzle cake at Costa Coffee this afternoon after we bought socks.


Coffee and Cake

The coffee was good, but it should have been considering the price and the fact that it’s pretty much the only thing they do. On a volume to cost basis it was reasonable value as it came in a cap that is smaller than some of the mixing bowls we use at home.

The cake was very lemony in a nice fresh way. Sadly it was also quite dry and very lacking in drizzle. This would be acceptable in lemon cake, but not in lemon drizzle cake. I won’t labour the point but it doesn’t say much for your professional standards if you can’t get the drizzle right on a lemon drizzle cake.


Dry, disappointing and drizzleless

I will say no more.



16 thoughts on “Scone Chronicles XXIX – Dry, Disappointing and Drizzleless

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  3. derrickjknight

    If you are a genuine veggie of any sort why would you want your food to be disguised as what you have eschewed? Incidentally I do hope you could chew that dreary drizzle cake.

      1. Helen

        It may prove to be quite tasty – I can’t remember what’s in it but I think it is something which to me is more pleasant than the meat version.

  4. thetinypotager

    Definitely agree re veggie food. My veggie family had hummus, grated carrot, shredded cabbage, tomato and cucumber doorstep sandwiches for dinner … way tastier than fake meat πŸ™‚


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