A Week is a Long Time on WordPress

And a week is even longer when you can’t get on WordPress…

I had been having intermittent trouble looking at comments for a while, but thought it would probably correct itself. Then, about a week ago, I switched on and couldn’t connect with the site. I tried the other computer, with the same result.

I left it a day because both computers are a bit old, and tried it again, having given them time to rest and regather their strength, or whatever computers do. No connection.

It took a while to find a way of getting help from WP, because I’ve just been used to switching on, clicking a few buttons and getting connected. I couldn’t get onto WP to ask for help and I couldn’t remember addresses or passwords or anything.

Eventually I managed to find help and WP proved very helpful. I was able to provide proof that I owned the site, despite knowing very little about it (tip here – if you don’t remember passwords and things, at least keep some of the reciepts/payment details as proof).

I secured a new password, signed in and…brick wall. I hit the same blank page.

I left it a while and tried again next day. This time I couldn’t even get onto WP, let alone the blank page which originally troubled me. I had been going to contact a few people via Comments and tell them I was temporarily, and involuntarily, off WP but had left it too late – I was completely shut out.

Again I left it. Tried and failed and, after spending several days of rising panic at being deprived of my daily fix of writing about myself (how vain I am, it seems), I decided to register a new account tonight.

As the log-in screen came up, I gave it one last try and connected. I don’t know how, or why, and if anyone explains it I probably still won’t understand.

So I’m back and ready to start writing again. The first thing I am going to work on is a note about keeping proper records so you don’t find yourself unable to log in.

Horses, stable doors, bolted…

32 thoughts on “A Week is a Long Time on WordPress

  1. Helen

    I wondered where you’d been, not having seen a post for quite some time! It must have been quite horrifying to be suddenly cut off. I certainly wouldn’t like it either.

      1. Helen

        I can imagine! When you are used to communicating with your audience and suddenly can’t for an inexplicable reason, it is quite panic-inducing.

  2. derrickjknight

    I have just logged on to see if I could send you an e-mail because I was worried about you. It was so good to find this. How disappointingly frustrating. Don’t do this to us again, WP.

    1. quercuscommunity

      WP was aided and abetted by my stupidity in not keeping notes. At first I could still access comments and was thinking of leaving some messages but when they sent me a password re-set link I decided just to re-set the password. This did not end well and I ended up completely shut out.

      Nice to be back. πŸ™‚

  3. The Belmont Rooster

    Forgot something… I have issues getting the reader to work so I can read other blog posts. I have to quit Safari and then reopen. I usually keep YouTube open so I won’t have to redo the queue to what I always listen to while I am working online. When I quit Safari, of course, I have to redo everything but then the reader works… It works perfectly fine on the old computer. So, right now, I am reading posts on the old computer. It is strange how I bought a newer computer to solve a few issues with the old computer (and not being to update anymore) then after a few months rest it works as good as new. Almost better than the newer one. LOL! I wonder how I would feel after a few months of hibernation. πŸ™‚

  4. tootlepedal

    Thank goodness it was only your computer. I had been getting a little worried about the state of your health and wondered if some second rate scone had tipped you over the edge and you had finally literally exploded. Welcome back.

  5. jodierichelle

    I haven’t been on much at all, but to go on for the first time in several days and not see a post from you was odd, indeed. So I noticed your absence. Glad you are back and hope the glitches stay away.

  6. GP Cox

    I’ve been hearing about a lot of glitches lately!! Most everyone has finally had their problems solved by contacting the Support team.


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