Once bitten…

I have just been watching Dracula on TV. It has been, to put it mildly, a patchy experience. The story has been spread over three nights, which is one of its weak points as there was only enough story, I felt, to fill half that time. Or less.

The first episode was drawn out and dull. The second episode was tedious and lacked grip. It finally came to life in the closing moments. The third episode was quite good and I could have watched more of it. So, could do better, and if anything similar comes along I’ll probably give it a miss.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Just a short post tonight, as I’ve got to go and make tomorrow’s sandwiches.

I finished the Christmas Chutney today. It has been very good, and reminded me of the Christmas Chutney I used to make in my farm kitchen days. It’s good and fruity and packing plenty of Christmas spice. Mine used to have cranberries in but was much the same flavour.

All went well until I chewed down on my final cheese sandwich and found half a plum stone. They clearly hadn’t skimmed it properly, which was one of the reasons I preferred to de-stone the fruit before using it. It’s quicker to boil and skim, but there’s always the risk of a broken tooth. Fortunately there was no dental damage from this episode, just a bit of a shock.

10 thoughts on “Once bitten…

  1. tootlepedal

    Seeing that the chutney was billed as hand made, I was reminded of the old cartoon of the worker who used to put the ‘accidental’ lemon pip into the bottles of commercially manufactured lemonade.
    I am glad that you suffered no dental damage.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Same here. I was talking to a man who owns a dental lab and he tells me Christmas is always a busy time for him- so many nuts and sweets eaten that broken teeth and detached dental crowns occupy him for several weeks in January.


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