A Complicated Christmas Question


Robin at Clumber, Nottinghamshire

Things didn’t go well for the good intentions – I’m way behind with the postcodes, I didn’t actually do any work last night and I forgot the poem.

On the other hand, we have cheese and we just tested the stollen.

It’s TESCO Finest Stollen, and it is excellent. Unfortunately, having just looked at the reviews on the TESCO, I see that it contains Palm Oil, which is bad for the environment. On the other hand, according to the link, it is a very efficient way of producing oil ans saves using even more land to produce less efficient crops. It’s all very complicated.

I’m afraid it’s time to push the button and publish this sort post. It’s made shorter by me leaving the camera at work again, so just a Christmassy library shot.


25 thoughts on “A Complicated Christmas Question

  1. Helen

    Palm oil is everywhere – and not just food. Fortunately, vegetables don’t contain any and they are really good for you 😊

    1. quercuscommunity

      I like fruit. I like vegetables. I’m suspicious of salad. And I really don’t like beetroot.

      We are having veggie burgers tonight and Number One Son is cooking sweet potato and peanut curry tomorrow. πŸ™‚

      By Wednesday the carnivorous side of my character will return…

      1. Helen

        Sweet potato and peanut curry sounds quite powerful. I don’t really like the former, although I think they both come from the same part of the world, so it could work.

        Glad your children are helping round the house, anyway 😊

      1. Helen

        I’m sure one or two stollen can be forgiven.

        I noticed our mince pies had palm oil in them – I don’t like mince pies but my daughter does.

      2. Helen

        That sounds good news…. we just missed Lidl this evening, as we had a late afternoon desire for chocolate, which morphed into Lebkuchen. I don’t actually know if they have palm oil in them but the shop was already closed, so we had to make do with Doritos and satsumas from the Coop instead.

        Good luck with the diet.

      3. Helen

        It’s easier to do in small doses, as I’m sure you know already. Start with buying one or two replacements you like anyway rather than say going vegan on Jan 1st πŸ˜‰

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