Catching Up and Advance Planning

I’ve added the photos to yesterday’s post, and I’ve now added a link back to it which, according to my reading, should mean more activity and popularity for the blog. I will believe that when I see it.

It’s a bit nippy so I’m currently wearing a hat and scarf to sit in the dining room and type this. I always seem to get more done when I’m at the table, rather than using the netbook on my knee.

Time for tea in front of the gas fire I think. I really do have to get to work on my presentation for the Numismatic Society next year as it’s starting to loom.


Cape Town Peace Medal 1919

There’s not much about tribute and peace medals of the Great War when you start looking online, and some of the links are to things I’ve written in the blog. If that’s the best I can do for sources, I’m in trouble.

Ah well, with a kettle and a handful of good intentions I’m going to make a serious attempt at starting tonight.

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