An hour to waste…

As I said yesterday, I should calm down and be nicer and more patient so I’m writing this while I’m practising waiting. This is different  to merely waiting because there is an element of choice about it. I’m waiting patiently and trying to be positive.

And they say men can’t multi-task.

I saw one on Sunday who could push a shopping trolley, look at his phone, give a bad example to his children and breathe through his mouth, all at the same time.

I’m currently waiting for a gas company surveyor to check our new earthing arrangements ready for the renewal of the heating system.

They gave us a four hour time slot and I have had to take a morning off work. Fortunately they just rang to say they would be here just before 9.00, so I will actually be able to get to work on time. If this wasn’t the case I’m sure this post would have been a lot less positive.

It’s not that I really want to go to work, but I have little to commend me as an employee other than reliability and I don’t want to lose that.

Today, in addition to attempting to be more positive, I’m pondering the nature of diaries. I kept one sporadically when I was about ten, then another when I was about sixteen and in my poetic phase. Neither of them gave any hint that one day I would be a blogger with five years of blogging behind me, though it’s fair to say that they did give evidence to suggest that my spelling, grammar and punctuation would  need work. Looking back on old posts this is a theme which continues. I cannot believe how bad some of my old posts are in terms of typos, proof reading and poor writing.

This is about the time of year I normally start thinking of good intentions, New Year Resolutions and writing projects.

I have just about cured myself of the curse of New Year Resolutions and now know that good intentions butter no parsnips. However, what would life be without something to look forward to?

And so, it looks like I may become a diarist.

This, in my mind, means writing words on paper with a pen, rather than blogging, which is about cluttering cyberspace with links and pixels and all sorts of stuff I don’t understand.

Which all comes back to patience. I can knock out a blog post with a computer, some random overspill from a cluttered mind and a few spare minutes. But a diary, in my imagination at least, requires time and space and the gathering of thoughts at the end of the day. Possibly a leather topped desk, a log fire and a smoking jacket…

Sounds good.




39 thoughts on “An hour to waste…

  1. The Belmont Rooster

    Hmmm… I enjoy reading your posts so much I am wondering what your diary would be like. You have done a GREAT job at writing a post a day, something I could certainly learn from. So, if you start writing a diary, or journal, how will that affect you writing a post a day? You have done a good job at trying to stay positive even during trying moments. Sometimes I find myself grumbling to myself then tell the Universe to “scratch that” and say something positive. I have been reading a lot about “you are what you think” and the Law of Attraction. So, we have to be very careful… We attract more to complain about when we are negative. Keep the posts coming and continue to be positive! It looks good on you. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      Thank you. I feel better after reading all those good things. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard of the Law of Attraction but I see how it works. Something I will certainly bear in mind.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I couldn’t do that – I’m addicted. But the idea of a log fire, desk and smoking jacket…

      As I sit here at an untidy dining room table, bundled in fleece and beset by the creeping cold of a badly heated house, I long for warmth and elegance.

  2. Helen

    Of course your diaries couldn’t have hinted at any blogging success: unless I have misunderstood a few things, blogging is a very new phenomenon!

      1. quercuscommunity

        Can’t recall when I first heard of it – probably about 15 years ago – couldn’t quite grasp the concept and had a few false starts. A lot of these things were earlier than we think because specialists/geeks start them and it only filters out gradually to us.

  3. Sharon

    Mostly my journal is the same old same old but sometimes it helps keep from feeling totally homicidal towards students and work colleagues and years of habit have made it a faithful companion, after all no one else will listen to me whinge and it does give me an occasional moment of insight. I read some research recently that keeping a journal/diary also boosts cognitive function speaking for myself I need all the help I can get on that front.

    1. quercuscommunity

      That highlights a big difference between diaries and blogs – my work colleagues sometimes read the blog so it is more circumspect than a diary would be. I also feel that I should attempt to be entertaining in a blog where a diary post could get away with much more tedious ranting. I think I could enjoy this, particularly if it’s doing me good. 🙂

      1. Sharon

        I have to be careful what I put on the blog in case management read it I already have a bad enough reputation for speaking my mind and saying out loud things I should probably keep to myself. I very much enjoy your blog long may you continue writing these posts.

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