An Absence of Activity and a Surfeit of Fish

I was on my own in the shop this afternoon because the other two went off to a banknote meeting. It was very quiet – just one customer in three hours. Fortunately we had two eBay sales so we did take enough to cover my wages.

We had tuna for tea. It was line-caught, though I’m not sure the tuna would appreciate the significance of this, or its part in my new healthy lifestyle. If the fish had thought more about what it was eating I may well have had a vegetarian meal tonight.

We had brown rice and vegetables with it. Last night we had fish fingers, mushy peas (from a tin) and potato wedges. I also had tartare sauce. Tartare sauce is a lot more palatable than virtue, but it doesn’t go well with rice.

Tomorrow I’m planning on fish pie, though I’m still not sure what I’m going to use for a topping. We’ve tried cauliflower mash a few times but it doesn’t settle well. Potatoes are always good, particularly with cheese, but they aren’t necessarily the healthiest option. I’m thinking of sweet potato, but the colour always seems too bright.

I really should try to become more adventurous with my food, though I’m not sure that changing the topping on a fish pie constitutes adventure. I fear that old age may have caught up with me (a) unexpectedly and (b) while I am too young to be old.

And yes, I am hoping that fish’s reputation as a brain food will restore my brain to near Jeevesian levels of intelligence.

12 thoughts on “An Absence of Activity and a Surfeit of Fish

  1. Clare Pooley

    I’m afraid I get bored with fish very quickly; once a week is enough for me. I would suggest a herb crumb topping for the fish pie if you really feel you shouldn’t have potato. Or have very thinly sliced potato on top for a different texture, or a mixture of sliced sweet and ‘normal’ potato.

  2. arlingwoman

    Hmmm…Never had fish pie, so not sure what the topping should be–is it done like shepherd’s pie? Bread crumbs, seasoned the way you like, are always good; or you could do a regular pie crust? Or…yum…a biscuit (American biscuit; not talking cookies here) topping would be good…

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, normally done like a shepherd’s pie. I hadn’t thought of some of the other choices – a nice herby crumb or crumble top would be good, though I’m very set in my ways.

  3. tootlepedal

    I eat a lot of sardines in the vain hope that I might grow up to be like Jeeves. I am beginning to believe that the whole thing is a myth put about by fish salesmen much like the Popeye and spinach lie.

    1. quercuscommunity

      And the carrots in WW2, useful both for mopping up surplus carrots and misleading the Germans about Radar. And burnt toast. I strongly suspect that my mother lied about its hair-curling benefits due to her inability to time her toasting activities. Even when I had hair it never curled.


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