Six Minutes

Floating Feathers - Arnot Hill Park

Floating Feathers – Arnot Hill Park

Even by my standards this isn’t much time – particularly as it often takes longer than that to add photos and tags.

I have to confess that even after five years I haven’t got the hang of tags. I did once read something about them, as I once read about SEO, but it goes in one ear and goes out through the other.

It just took three minutes to write 62 words. Based on that speed I could write a decent length novel in a couple of weeks, even allowing time for sleeping and eating.

Makes you wonder what writers do with their time doesn’t it?

Five minutes gone – time to post.

17 thoughts on “Six Minutes

  1. Helen

    I haven’t got to grips with SEOs either. Not that I have particularly tried.

    These days, as I am sure you will have noticed, data protection means we can’t often see the words or phrases put into search engines which lead people to our blogs us. However, from what I have seen, they can get to my site with phrases which just about loosely match something I’ve written. There might even be spelling mistakes and bad grammar in the search terms, which I’m convinced weren’t in my original. I doubt very much any lessons in SEOs would cover this as a strategy for more effective tagging.

      1. Helen

        Now, I think I don’t know what SEO is at all – I thought whether you use SEO or not you had to write. Or do you mean, SEO is unimportant in your life because your reason for blogging is writing rather than marketing your writing?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I feel that the world is probably a better place without my influence. My plans, which include harvesting the hot air from Westminster as a renewable energy source, forcing children to learn at gunpoint, and a rigorous cull of “celebrities” and reality TV “stars” are never likely to gain mainstream acceptance.


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