Scones and Things

Julia and my sister went out for a special offer gym session and Afternoon Tea yesterday, hence the scones in the picture. It didn’t go 100% well. Service was poor, organisation was poor and the daintiness of the sandwiches left a lot to be desired.

My sandwiches at lunchtime are very similar, and I’d never dream of serving them to people as part of a sophisticated afternoon tea.

She eventually accepted their apologies and left with a doggy bag, as service had been so slow that she needed to be elsewhere.

To be fair, the portions were large, and I ate well as a result.

In the evening, as part of a week of celebrations to distract her from the fact she’s about to have a milestone birthday, we had curry delivered.

They have changed the recipe since we last ordered and we were left gasping for air by the new spicing regime in the prawn puri starter which we shared. And it was late.

It’s OK having all these deals and services, but not so good if they are going to be perpetually disappointing.

Frankly, I’d been expecting a three day week, efficient public transport by monorail and a robot butler by the year 2000, having believed everything I’d been told about the future back in 1968.

It hasn’t quite worked out like that.

We used the rice and biryani leftovers from last night to make kedgeree and watched Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s a far cry from my dreams of robot butlers.

Similarly, as I stuff envelopes tomorrow morning, it will be a long way from my dreams of a glittering career as a captain of industry. Fortunately the human mind is able to adapt to most forms of failure band I will probably emerge from my troglodytic existence at 1 am in a happy frame of mind.

With a rapidly approaching birthday and no gift ideas, I have more immediate problems than a disappointing life. It sounds the same, but a disappointed wife is infinitely worse.

13 thoughts on “Scones and Things

  1. Clare Pooley

    This birthday present business gets more difficult to manage as the years go by. I told Richard I didn’t want a present this year (I love getting books but he thinks I have too many and is reluctant to buy them). I said I wanted a day out so we visited a National Trust property, had a meal and then went to the beach for the afternoon and I didn’t have to drive or pay for anything! If I’d seen anything that I wanted to have during the day I would have been bought it, but I didn’t.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Sounds like a good day and a good compromise. Julia’s brothers are coming up next weekend and we’re all going out for a meal so that part has been arranged. We’re on holiday the week after (as in off work rather than going away) so we might fit in a few days out, though I suspect she has a list of jobs in mind…

      1. Clare Pooley

        It worked out very well and I will reciprocate next year on R’s birthday. I hope you enjoy the family meal and that there aren’t too many jobs to do. 🙂

      2. quercuscommunity

        I will enjoy the family meal. Number One son will be there too. Number Two is still in canada and recently had four days at Lake Huron. As for the jobs, I will accept the horrors ahead as it is simpler than trying to get out of them. 🙂

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