More thoughts of Kings…

With a nice early start we arrived at the gardens in plenty of time and two swans flew over us. They make a lot of noise when they fly. I imagine that it’s the noise of air and feathers meeting, though it does sound a bit like they are gasping for air.

I can still see them now, two glistening white swans silhouetted against a bright blue sky. You will have to imagine it because my camera was in my pocket at the time and I was not quick enough to get the shot.

The new polytunnel is looking good, though I’m sure the birds will soon have a go at it, as they did with the other one.

We remarked on the difference between the gardens now and the state of them when Julia took over. They now have two newly covered tunnels, piles of woodchip, good paths, better winter colour and a larger, more involved, group of users. She has more plans too, so let’s see how things develop over the next year or two.

She took this picture of the grape vine in the old tunnel. They don’t get many grapes but the autumn colour is always good.

Back at the shop I posted two coin sets on eBay and carried on with the Edward VIII collection. He reigned for 326 days. There have been seven monarchs who reigned for a shorter time than he did. Any guesses?

Here they are.

Harold II – 282 days – killed at Hastings

Edmund II (Ironside) – 221 Β days – worn out after five battles with Danes

Empress Matilda (or Maud) – 208 days – coronation prevented by the London mob

Edward V – 78 days – one of the Princes in the Tower

Edgar II – The Aetheling – 63 days – proclaimed King after Harold II – never reigned

Sweyn Forkbeard – 40 days – invaded England, became King, died.

Jane Grey – 9 days – if we’d kept her we might never have merged with Scotland.

Julia just shouted me through – chicken and roast vegetables tonight. On balance, I prefer chicken and roast vegetables to blogging.




18 thoughts on “More thoughts of Kings…

      1. quercuscommunity

        They have swans in Russia, and it’s known to be a bit nippy there. I’ve been checking swans and you just seem to be unlucky in being a bit of the world all species seem to avoid.

        The lack of Royal Family is not an insurmountable obstacle as we have a number of spares available including Franz, Duke of Bavaria.

        All the details are here,_Duke_of_Bavaria

        He’s not interested in Britain, but the lobster rolls might persuade him to take on Maine. Despite the lack of swans.

  1. jodierichelle

    Wow – it sounds like Julia is working some magic. It really does take years – every year I think “this is the best year ever!” and it always is – till the next year.

    “shouted me through” is another lovely expression I had never heard.


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