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Four for today – SA12, NG 20, G84 and ST7. I think SA is Swansea and ST is Stoke, and know that G is Glasgow and NG is Nottingham.

A quick look at the computer confirms that SA is indeed Swansea and SA12 covers Port Talbot and various districts. We may as well go straight to Port Talbot, It’s a part of Wales I’ve never been to, and the best known feature is the steelworks, though it has a history that includes copper and iron mining too.

It has a Miner’s Museum, though there are several similar things around the UK. It also has a Stones Museum. Oh, I thought, was Brian Jones really Welsh? But fear not, it’s a museum of actual stones, featuring a Roman milepost and a number of Celtic crosses, amongst other fascinating exhibits. However, the prize goes to this museum. You couldn’t make it up…

NG20 is the area of Shirebrook. Both John Hurt and Jason Statham Β lived there in their childhood, before branching out to become actors of two quite different styles, though both became very successful.

G84 is Glasgow, one of the major codes which only has one letter. It includes the village of Rhu, which changed its name in the 1920s so that outsiders would pronounce it properly. This seems a lot of trouble to go to so that people who don’t live there will pronounce it properly. It was originally Row.

It was a major centre for illicit whisky distilling in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is mentioned in Heart of Midlothian. King George IV drank whisky from here when he visited Scotland in 1822.

ST7 will have to wait until tomorrow, as it’s nearly midnight.


Stamps with a Scottish theme – another re-used photo

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