An Unusual Sight

We had an interesting experience this evening.

I picked Julia up after I finished work, we turned up the air-conditioning in the car and went to get a drink and look at some trees. Tree bathing is good for you, according to all the research.

So there we were, parked at the entrance to RSPB South Budby, drinking our coffee and minding our own business, when Julia said: “Oh my goodness!”

And there we were, face to face with a naturist walker. Well, not quite face to face, because we were sitting.

Now, contrary to what you may think, it isn’t illegal to walk round naked, so I concentrated on my coffee and looked straight ahead. So did Julia.

As he drove off Julia asked: “Did you notice if he was wearing shoes?”

I had to admit that I hadn’t really noticed his feet.

No pictures today, for obvious reasons.

10 thoughts on “An Unusual Sight

    1. quercuscommunity

      They do have clubs, and closed swim sessions at public pools and reserved beaches but it’s not illegal so some of them just walk round. My view is that many things are legal, nudity, salad bars and suicide (since 1961) but this doesn’t make them a good idea or something you want to see on a walk round the countryside.


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