Starting with Teeth…

The good news is that I have no more dental work for a while. Having spent the last two weeks with a temporary cap I’m now pleased to record that I’ve just had my new crowns fitted.

I have kept the old ones, because one is gold. I’m thinking, as with the previous one that I kept, that they will be useful if the world banking system collapses. I’m also wondering about the idea of melting them down and using them to make a piece of jewellery for Julia.

Dental gold, I’m told, is about 60% pure, which makes it close to 15 carat gold. This was a standard used by the Victorians and I’ve always liked it. This probably seems strange, but there are some nice items made in 15 carat. It went out of use in 1932. Unfortunately, it’s quite close to 14 carat gold, a tawdry American standard that has been popularised in the UK by TV shopping channels. They have also popularised chocolate diamonds. Brown jewellery, whatever next?

And here is another place where American and English diverge as languages. We have the word carat, which describes the weight of a diamond and the fineness of gold. In America they have carat for the weight of diamonds and karat for the fineness of gold. It is both an example of American logic and the capacity of the English language for absorbing ambiguity.

You only need to think of a metal cleaning solution made in Eastern Europe. That would be Polish polish, and I’m sure most of you instinctively read it as that.

Further to the story of the skip – Julia finally tracked the company down and on being told that they couldn’t do anything, informed them in steely tones that she was sure they could.

They could, she said, either provide us with a skip or refund us for the one they had taken away early.

They are sending us a new skip tomorrow.

Then I left the AA. That for American readers, is like the AAA, but not based in America. My breakdown cover was due to cost me £312. I looked at it and decided I can’t afford it. So I looked at reducing cover, and got it to £171.

At that point I turned to the internet. I could, if I was joining the AA for the first time, get the reduced cover for £25 less. I’ve had this argument with them before and, after 38 years of continuous membership, it finally annoyed me so much I decided to do something about it.

I now have breakdown cover with Green Flag. It has cost me £58 and offers, on paper, the all the important elements of the AA cover.

Of course, I’ll only know if I’ve done the right thing when I’m stranded on a dark road in the middle of a rainy winter night. That’s what always worries me when changing insurance, have I done the right thing or have I sacrificed security for a few quid?

Featured image is a Razorbill. I was just wondering about sticking some lipstick on it and calling it a Puffin.


12 thoughts on “Starting with Teeth…

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    I’m right there with you on the teeth front – I’ve been four times in the past month and have two or three more appointments to come – root canal – deep joy!
    The razor bill is marvellous… tomorrow we are going on a sunset boat trip, I hope to see dolphins, but a razorbill would do.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Good luck with the dolphins!

      I hope your dental work is successful after all those visits. I’ve been to the dentist seven times in the last seven months and that is more than enough for me.

  2. jodierichelle

    Well – that’s quite a lot of news to digest. Pithy comments and asides and all I could wish for. You seem to be rallying from your blogging slump. Bravo. sir.

    I think your Razorbill is wonderful. Exotic to me. Although it would be more exotic if it were wearing lipstick.

  3. tootlepedal

    We changed from the AA for Green Flag for the same reason as you and found the service excellent when a young lady ran into us. I hope that you don’t need to find out how good it is.

    You can put lipstick on a razorbill and it will still be a razorbill.


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