Thoughts about Water

It’s been wet for several days and there has been standing water on the roads. It’s been drier today and things are getting back to normal. This is a relief as my joints have been a bit creaky and I’m wondering if this is caused by the damp.

In many ways it is more like November than June. I remember a summer like this before. I must have been about twelve at the time and the mental picture of me staring out of a window at rain for an entire summer holiday is still with me. It has haunted me for years. The sense of loss, and being cheated out of six weeks of holiday, must have been really strong for me still to remember it so clearly.

Apart from that there is little I can think of to write about. Rain is not a terribly interesting subject, though if, due to the magic of WordPress, you are reading this in the middle of a drought, I can only apologise for my insensitivity.

I tend to stay off politics and other contentious subjects, as I don’t want to offend people, but I’ve only just thought of water in this context. It’s obvious really, when you think that the next series of World Wars, if we escape annihilation over religion, is likely to be over water. I have read that the Nile is likely to be a source of problems, and that the Portuguese are concerned with the way the Spanish are using all the water on the Iberian Peninsula.

When you have massive salad crops, as the Spanish do, you need water. Personally, I’d solve that one by banning lettuce, but you know how I feel about salad.

This is what happens when you mess with nature. Spain should stick to growing olives and grapes and we should stick to eating salads only in summer. In summer they are a necessary evil; in winter they are self-indulgent and wrecking the planet.

At last! I have found moral high ground concerning salad!

Normally I try to limit myself to one exclamation mark a day, but I think this discovery merits two.

19 thoughts on “Thoughts about Water

  1. jodierichelle

    That book you mention in the comments sounds very interesting. Barbara Kingsolver’s book, “Animal, Vegatable, Miracle” is a very good read about her year of eating only locally sourced, in-season foods. I think we are all in some pretty terrible habits.

    Bravo! to you! for your restraint regarding exclamation points! I also believe the world could benefit from less of them.

  2. tootlepedal

    A well judged exclamation if you ask me. Seasonal as well as regional should be the food watchword from now on. I’m alright as I like porridge.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Water is a big subject and a big issue. In the U.S., parts of the country are so wet that crops have been planted late while in other parts of the country it so dry that fires have begun. You have some excellent thoughts about water, something we cannot live without.

  4. Helen

    We could have salad all year round without resorting to Spanish produce. Maybe we need to be more creative with our palates but unfortunately for you even lettuce can grow in winter as long as it’s sheltered from frost.


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