Messing with Camera Settings

I seem to have pinned a featured post to the top of the blog. This was an accident and I can’t seem to find a way to unplug it.  This is partly because I am not good with WP and partly because the typeface on the rickety netbook is very tiny and difficult to read. It should be possible to increase the font size.

For further comments on the situation see the above comments on ineptitude and small typeface.


The “Dramatic” setting

The photos show Harlow Carr Gardens using the “Dramatic” setting. If the weather forecast had been correct this could have been what the weather looked like.

Fortunately, the weather forecast wasn’t accurate, but I think I probably mentioned that before.


The “Dramatic” setting

We had a lot of parcels to send this morning in the shop – many of them being 50p pieces.

You need to be very organised when sending out multiple orders of this sort, because they all start to look the same. We had orders for Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Falklands, Ireland and St Helena.

I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but will load some for tomorrow.

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