One More Quick Post

I had a day off today and spent much of it trying to write. It didn’t go too well, though it could have been worse. That, could well be the motto for my life – good, but could have been better.

I also checked on the internet to see what sold in the shop, and found that one of the coins I’d listed yesterday had sold. It often seems to be the way. In fact most of today’s orders were for the cheap and cheerful end of our stock. That’s the end at which I operate.

Now, having watched the day slip away, I find it is time to take Number Two Son to work. I will return with only 40 minutes to post, so am getting it done now.Β  And that, I’m afraid, is why it was hardly worth your while clicking the button to visit. Sorry about that.

The final picture is my breakfast from Tuesday – overnight oats. You put oats, milk, yoghurt and fruit into a tupperware and leave it in the fridge overnight. It’s just a posh name for cold porridge. However, it does save time in the morning as I take it to work, and as I always arrive at work early I use some of that time for eating breakfast instead of starting work. On Fridays I will eat cold porridge in the garden with Julia.


Overnight Oats

Note how I’ve included the keyboard in the picture to indicate that I’m a high-powered, high-fibre thrusting executive.

Photography can be so deceptive…

19 thoughts on “One More Quick Post

  1. Laurie Graves

    Beautiful coin! I have been thinking of making overnight oats, and I am inspired by your post to soon do so. See? Even short posts can be worthwhile to readers.

  2. Clare Pooley

    Your breakfast looks very nice! I also like the Brimstone on the coin. I have been chasing Brimstones about trying unsuccessfully to photograph them.

  3. jodierichelle

    Do you never cook the oats? They just soften overnight? Very cool, if so.

    I have been making my evening tea that way. (By this I mean chamomile tea that I drink before bed.) I have a pitcher in the fridge & add tea bags and water as needed. “Cold brewed” they call it. I call it fast and easy.


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