A Few Photos

Here are some photos from earlier in the week. The year is shaping up nicely, though I’m a little worried that the papers are predicting another Beast from the East with temperatures below freezing. My only comfort is that they’ve been reporting on it all winter and it hasn’t happened yet.

The primulas are doing well. As is the blossom. If only the photography was up to scratch.

Here we have some landscaping features – a newly donated chimney pot, the newly painted table and the newly painted log. There’s a lot of new stuff happening in the garden just at the moment, as you may have guessed from the unimaginative titles.

Finally, I’ve thrown in a magpie. I like magpies, and they sit still long enough for me to get a shot.


Magpie – so black it’s actually blue in places

23 thoughts on “A Few Photos

  1. Donnalee

    I never see magpies here and am unsure if they are native or not–it’s worth checking, if I want to know.

    We actually had a real snow Friday night, and that was a bit of a surprise, but it went away by the next day. Cute heart on the log–


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