A Very Quick Post

Bribery, bloodshed, Stone Age values, corruption, anarchy…

No, not Game of Thrones, just a comment on the Prime Minister’s disastrous European dealings and her alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party.

I feel ashamed to be governed by these idiots and soiled by the way the future of the country is being decided by the bigots of the DUP.

There was a time when you bribed someone and they stayed bribed but after Theresa May secured the votes of the DUP with promises of billions in aid, they now turn round and are likely to betray her.

At one time you could rely on the venality of politicians, promise some cash and some knighthoods and carry the day.

What is happening.

We even have a power-crazed person of restricted growth – in our case The Speaker, rather thanΒ Tyrion Lannister.



26 thoughts on “A Very Quick Post

  1. Laurie Graves

    After a while, one hardly knows how to respond. Across the pond, many of us are anxiously watching your country’s goings-on while at the same time watching our country’s convulsions. What a time!

    1. quercuscommunity

      Same here – I always go down on polling day though I have been known to write a message rather than vote. I may well spoil all my papers from now on, though I will still go to the polling station to show my Chartist roots.


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