Snapshot of a Boring Life


The “in” thing in weather forecasting seems to be “polar vortex”. We were given warning of one last night, issued with a yellow snow warning and threatened with the “Beast from the West”. Even if you ignore the sniggering around yellow snow it’s hard to see “Beast from the West” as a frightening headline. It’s the last gasp of a second-rate sensationalist who is struggling to come up with a headline to rival the eternal Brexit stories.

“Pest from the West” could be controversial, so that is out. “Best from the West” sounds like the tag line from a hotel advert and zest, jest and test all lack menace…

I may have settled with “Cold night – might be snow in Scotland”. You can see why I have never been headhunted by a newspaper.

I would also go with Yellow Warning for Snow, or even Amber, as amber is the traditional colour between red and green.

Down round Nottingham we are enjoying breezy but reasonably pleasant weather.

I’m going shopping soon.

I’m unlikelyย to suffer from excitement today.


20 thoughts on “Snapshot of a Boring Life

      1. Laurie Graves

        Yes! Always a relief when bad weather either fizzles or passes us by. People who think weather is boring have never experienced terrible storms and a week or more without power. Sometimes even worse. In our Midwest, the storms and floods have been so bad that some people have lost their home. Gone.

  1. tootlepedal

    I share your feelings about excessively dramatic weather forecasts but there was flooding in Yorkshire and roads blocked by snow in the Scottish Borders so the weather was a bit beastly.

    The forecasters are doubtless still scarred by the unjustified and prolonged bad press that they got after the infamous ‘there is no hurricane’ remark. They are not going to go through that again and who can blame them.

    How about the “‘You’ll need a vest’ from the West”.

    1. quercuscommunity

      That would make a brilliant headline.

      I checked the Scottish weather before publishing (just to check) and it looked a bit chilly in places. We have standing water here, and the Trent is quite full, but that is from last week. The polar vortex made no impression on me at all, which I consider a good thing.

  2. arlingwoman

    We had the Polar Vortex for two weeks once. It was beyond frigid; face-wrapping, multiple layers under the winter coat cold. It threatened this year, but went elsewhere…I too hate the hype around the bad weather. Hear in DC there are snow loving meteorologists who always mention snow in the headlines like there could be some, when it’s not often likely even…

  3. Andrew Petcher

    I have stopped reading the Express and Mail online because of their ridiculous headlines and ridiculous doom laden weather predictions.
    There is no seriously bad weather on the way (according to the BBC) so I would call it least from the east or lest from the west!


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