Change is Easy…

I’m giving the new editor another try. I don’t particularly want to, but I do want to access some of my older photos and I can’t do that in the normal editor. Anyway, it’s time I started embracing new technology.

Julia has had an adventurous day, first cutting herself whilst trying a spot of woodcarving, then melting a hole in her fleece when she transferred her attention to pyrography. Well, I say “attention”, but if she’d been paying attention she wouldn’t actually have melted the fleece.

I’m now going to put some photos in, if I can. The new editor doesn’t seem keen. I’m already remembering why I switched it off and went back to the old one.

This, hopefully, is a selection of my favourite photos from the last year.

Spice selection
At Clumber Park


Robin at Clumber, Nottinghamshire
Fungus close-up

I’m not finding it as easy as the old editor because I’m having to load one large photo at a time.

Change is easy, as they say, but improvement is hard.

27 thoughts on “Change is Easy…

  1. derrickjknight

    I think you will find your way. What I have learned is that you can post one picture as a gallery. This doesn’t prevent you from photographing a group – and you can turn off their horrible automatic cropping ‘for alignment’. Grouping all similar format pics prevents this, too

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was paying so much attention to other things I hadn’t noticed all the other problems! 🙂

      Just home from shopping and am watching the rugby – I think you were right in thinking it might be a restorative!

  2. Andrew Petcher

    I wonder about WP. They continually make it difficult for people like us. I don’t think they want us to clog up their severs with thousands of words of text and lots of space with our pictures, they would prefer the youth of facebook and instagram, They seem determined to make life difficult for people who ant a serious blogging platform.


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