Wetherby Services

I have so much material from the last few days, I’m struggling to get it all down. However, as promised, I am having a rest from scones.

I need more time for the Harlow Carr post that I’m going to move to the next day. The first stop on the way to the Yorkshire coast was Wetherby Services.

On looking it up for the link I was amazed to find that it’s now ten years old and scores highly for customer satisfaction. I’ve always found that it scores highly for being crowded and uncomfortable. I don’t know why, I just don’t feel relaxed there. The crowds, I suspect, are evidence that other people like it. On Wednesday a lot of the crowds were university sports teams.

We had coffee there, and the barrista put a heart in Julia’s coffee. I got a blob.


Coffee at Costa

Then we bought a vegan sausage roll on the way out and photographed it. Last time I had one I didn’t get a photo. It was equally as good as the last one and, like the last one, I ate it in the car. I am very predictable.

We would have had one each but they only had one left. Yes, massive service station – just one vegan sausage roll. Strange.


19 thoughts on “Wetherby Services

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  2. Clare Pooley

    I don’t think we’ve been to Wetherby services. We don’t like crowds either and try to avoid places we know are busy. I have yet to try a vegan sausage roll; is that a Gregg’s wrapper?

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, it’s a Gregg;s vegan sausage roll. Someone bought Julia one today. She brought it home and we shared it tonight. More crumbly than Gregg’s but equally as good.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I drop Number Two Son off at work four nights a week at a local motorway services. They have several charging points. and I probably see one car charging every three or four weeks. So yes, but very rarely.

  3. Helen

    I pass Wetherby Service Station on a regular basis but the petrol is expensive and it’s too close to home to justify stopping for a coffee. The best service station I’ve been to in Britain is in Gloucestershire but that would be quite a big detour to get to the Yorkshire coast.

  4. Andrew Petcher

    I don’t like Wetherby Services, it is always too busy and it has a Burger King and I prefer McDonalds. I usually stop over at Scotch Corner when going north.

    Does the vegan sausage roll make as many crumbs as a regular sausage roll? I always think that this makes them unsuitable for eating in the car because of the mess that has to be cleared up afterwards.

    1. quercuscommunity

      We don’t usually go that far north on the A1 so Scotch Corner is just an exotic dream for us.

      I didn’t notice any crumbs, but to be fair I am a fairly tidy eater of sausage rolls, and the car is normally a mess anyway.


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