The Post I Meant to Write…

Just before I opened my email from the Royal Agricultural Society, this is the post I meant to write. The last post was merely a Jacobin rant, this one is about nature. It’s better for me than politics.


A model of me in the garden

There’s not much to say as it’s late and the pictures can do the talking.

The pop-bottle poppies are still looking good after two years – Julia was going to take them down last year but everyone asked for them to stay up.

This is the “hedge” between the Mencap plot and the school plot. It’s willow clippings with ivy planted to grow through it.

And finally – some birds. There would have been more but a sparrowhawk swooped by and scared them all away.


Great tits on feeder – Nottingham

16 thoughts on “The Post I Meant to Write…

  1. Clare Pooley

    Very nice photos. I like the frosted oak leaves and the turkey-tail fungus. I remember seeing Julia’s bottle-top poppies before – very effective – and I love the willow clipping hedge; what a brilliant idea!

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Those are beautiful photos, especially the frosted oak leaves. Julia’s bottle poppies look great too.

    My father had a small Buddha carved out of ebony he kept on the dashboard of his VW Beetle.


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