Advice from a Fat Man

It can take longer to alter a listing on eBay than it does to write the original. I base this on recent events and just throw it out there as something for your consideration. I have the build to be regarded as Buddhaesque so I may as well impart some cryptically phrased knowledge.

While I’m offering lifestyle advice, I would also like to suggest to the met office thatΒ  the words “yellow snow warning” could do with some work. Every year the news announces yellow snow warnings: every year I smirk. And, every year, the snow is boringly white.

I put some gold coins on eBay a couple of days ago. They came with the paperwork showing how much they had originally cost. We’re selling them at half that price. Considering that they are often bought for their investment potential it’s safe to say that they failed. It’s often the way with these things. IfΒ  you want to buy something as an investment don’t buy it from someone who spends a fortune on advertising.

If you see it in a Sunday magazine, or on the TV being flogged by a retired General I’d steer clear. I just hope that when I’m old and senile I lose the collecting instinct as I’d hate to find myself buying this stuff at full price.

This was one – a gold double crown from Tristan da Cunha. If you look round the right-hand edge of the reverse you can see it’s mis-struck. This renders it unsaleable as a collectable, though we can still scrap it. It has an engraved number on it, being number 37 of 199. What sort of coin has a limited edition of 199? That’s only the first of the problems. Kate Middleton is not a good likeness, which is a problem on a high cost souvenir of the Royal Wedding and I always think that the Queen on the coins of Tristan da Cunha looks like she’s been beheaded. That straight line at the bottom of the neck is not a good look. The box is quite nice.

The next coin is a gold Half Ounce Half Angel from the Isle of Man. It’s not a bad-looking coin, though St Michael seems to have let himself go a bit.

The Queen looks better on this one. Manx coins, to be fair, are generally well designed.

Please note that due to possible legal problems I have not used the words rip-off, con-trick, criminal, predator or horse-whipped. I thought it would be better if we left them out.





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  2. derrickjknight

    I am gradually collecting ‘Only Fools and Horses’ mugs. So far I, of course, have DelBoy’s, Trigger’s, and Dave’s. This is built up on the basis of one present first, then someone else picks up the baton, etc. I wonder how many there are in the set


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