Hard Day at the Shop

Obviously “hard” is a comparative term. Six hours sitting in a heated shop packing parcels and chatting to customers is not hard compared to some of my previous jobs, and they weren’t hard compared to working on a trawler or building skyscrapers.

However, from starting to finishing, there was scarcely a moment when we didn’t have a customer in, often two or three at a time.  We sold quite a lot in the morning, spent over £1,000 buying during the afternoon and ended up selling some more. We did all this with just two people as the boss was off at the York Coin Fair. We often have busy days when he’s away.

Souvenir Medal Castle Rising Norfolk

Souvenir Medal Castle Rising Norfolk

This is one of the medallions we put on eBay. At this sort of magnification you can clearly see  the reflection of my camera and a large quantity of dust. It’s not a stunning level of professionalism is it?

Southwell Minster Souvenir Medallion

Southwell Minster Souvenir Medallion

I see we’ve already sold seven items on eBay, so we will have to get a move on, as the Post Office closes at noon.

12 thoughts on “Hard Day at the Shop

  1. tootlepedal

    I was almost reminded of one of my father’s favourite jokes about the man who kept a fish shop but had top give it up as morning, noon and night, people kept pestering him for fish.

    It is good to see that you are keeping busy.

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  2. Andrew Petcher

    I have a roman coin that my dad assured me that he dug up in the garden, I kept it as certain treasure. On a trip to Croatia I went to a street market and a man selling coins had several of exactly the same coin. It isn’t treasure but I still wonder how fake coins in Croatia in 2010 turned up in my dad’s memory box 60 years ago!

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