I have 25 minutes before I have to take Number Two Son to work, so just 25 minutes to write this post. I’ve had all day to do it, but haven’t been able to concentrate and get anything written.

I’m slightly distracted by the different colours that seem to have appeared on WordPress. My “Publish” button is an unattractive shade of red, instead of green and several other things have changed colour too. I’d love to know why, as it’s definitely not an improvement. Things were fine just the way they were, and I can’t help thinking there were more important things to do, like fixing the inability of my site to search for photos that are more than a couple of weeks old.

Apart from that, I’m distracted by the number of things I have to do. I have three book reviews to write, for instance, but can’t seem to get to grips with any of them.

At least I managed to run a few errands with Julia today (it was an unadventurous day off today) and finish a book that arrived in the post yesterday. It was a short book.

And so, in twelve minutes I’ve accomplished what I couldn’t manage in the previous twelve hours.

Amazing what a little time pressure will do.

When I post this I will be in the final week of my 100 post challenge and down into single figures for the haiku challenge. Time to think of what will replace them. I’ve gone off the 100 tearoom challenge as I’m having to think of my weight.

The photographs are from a visit to Anderby Creek in 2017, which was a day I remember fondly.




19 thoughts on “Distractions…

  1. derrickjknight

    I agree entirely about the WP tinkering. When, a long time ago now, I was told by my Director of Social Services not to apply for a top job, the reply to my question why was: “You are not in the forefront of change”. I replied: “Someone’s got to do the nurturing”.

  2. paolsoren

    …and furthermore when I was looking at my reader a new post came up and it was flashing until I turned everything off and started again. It’s as bad as people shouting into their mobile phones on the tram with all the doors shut.

  3. paolsoren

    WordPress seems to make changes just for the sake of it. Possibly some management type paid his favourite daughter her way through a creative design course and now he has to find ways of justifying the expense.

  4. tootlepedal

    You may find if you look around that you have received an email or a post from WordPress regarding the new colour scheme. You can change if it you want. I wanted to but forgot what to do so I am suffering from rather bilious colours too.


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