Things That Worry Me

Number One – my teeth disintegrating. As you may know, I’m in for a tooth extraction tomorrow (despite the fact it’s barely twinged since I went to the dentist about it).

I have been thinking I was over-reacting, but last night it started aching again and I’m now very keen on having it removed. It’s been going on a while so it’s time to be decisive.

For the last few months I seem to have been finding a lot of chalky bits in my mouth. It’s worrying, particularly after I had one disintegrate a couple of years back.

I seem to spend a lot of the evening finding bits of chalk in my mouth, which is bad news, and has been occupying my thoughts far too much. However, I realised what it is a couple of days ago. It’s the chalky bits from the tablets I take every night.

Number Two – plumbing. The house’s plumbing, not mine. Mine is way down the list. In winter I always worry about the plumbing. We’ve been here 30 years, we’ve had a couple of plumbing problems, but nothing we can’t cope with. But I spend several weeks each year worrying about it. It’s a Christmas tradition.



As you can see from the black spot in the duck picture I’m using the old camera. I’ll explain why in a later post. The spot only shows when you use the zoom.

Number Three – cocking up Christmas. A month before Christmas Julia starts refusing to tell me what she wants as a present. Then, a week or two later, she hands me a wad of cash and tells me the whole Christmas holiday depends on me. Then, just as we reach the posting deadline for Amazon, she tells me what she wants.

I wake up at night sweating at the idea of disappointing Julia or failing to produce Christmas dinner.

It was quite relaxing spending last Christmas in Suffolk, though I did worry about the plumbing a lot while we were away.

A number of you are probably shouting “death” at the blog. This, I hope, is a comment on the fear of death, rather than a critical reaction to my blogging.

Well, to be honest, I’m not much afraid of death. At 60 I can still pretend it’s a long way off. Anyway, compared to the stress of Christmas, death isn’t that bad.


This afternoon, to avert the chance of a disappointed wife, I took a trip to Bakewell, where I visited an excellent jeweller, ate a hot turkey sandwich and was shown how to avoid paying 20 pence to use the toilet. I saw “shown” as I’m not admitting to anything…

I can show you the shop but as she reads the blog I can’t picture the things I bought. I may show them on Boxing Day. Prepare to be surprised by my lack of imagination.


It’s Christmas…


Home for 4.30.

The days can be short in winter…

20 thoughts on “Things That Worry Me

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  2. tootlepedal

    You need to be more inventive. I bought Mrs Tootlepedal a big trailer load of manure one year. It was dumped outside out kitchen window and every time Mrs Tootlepedal looked at she said it reminded her of me. What could be sweeter than that?

  3. Andrew Petcher

    That is a good worry list.

    Every year Kim and I agree not to buy each other Christmas presents but then I worry that she might just buy me one anyway. This is a very difficult dilemma, do I hope that she doesn’t or do I buy one just in case and then make her feel bad when she hasn’t. Life is trick sometimes.

    I also worry about the central heating boiler breaking down.

  4. The Belmont Rooster

    Very good. Maybe some of your fears can be eliminated. Wondering if your wife will like the gifts can be solved by giving her presnts to her ahead of time. Worrying about your tooth can be solved by going ahead and pulling them all and getting false teeth. Now, worryng about the plumbing is another thing… If you believe yours is fine, why are you worrying about plumbing? Oh, wait a minute… I got confused. I had to go back and read that part again. I don’t like dealing with “residential” plumbing issues so maybe you should go ahead and worry about that one. Chrustmas dinner will come and go and I am quite sure it won’t be a disappointmen​​t.

    1. quercuscommunity

      All sensible solutions.
      The problem with presents is tricky as I need to find one for the wedding anniversary, one for her birthday and one for Christmas all in the space of two months.
      This is a challenge.

  5. Clare Pooley

    I hope all goes very well tomorrow. At least Julia lets you know what she would like, eventually! She also likes jewellery, which is easy to find and there is usually something suitable and pretty in most price ranges. My husband despairs of me. He has bought me jewellery in the past and most of the time it stays in the box it was given me in as I wait for a suitable occasion to wear it!


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