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Southwold from the Pier

I’m watching Fantasy Homes by the Sea before going to work. “Fantasy” must have changed its meaning since last time I looked. It now seems to mean “imperfect”, “badly decorated” or “adequate”. They are nice enough but they don’t get my imaginatiob going.

The interesting thing is that they have been to Cromer and are now in Sheringham. So have I, in my search for piers.

They are just looking at beach huts. You can buy one for just £59,000 and rent it out for £60 a day.

They are now looking at a cottage at Bacton. It has flint walls, pantiled roof, a walled garden and seals on the beach. As fantasy homes go, it’s pretty good, though  I just looked Bacton up on Wiki – with a gas terminal, a takeaway and a holiday village I may have to reduce the fantasy rating.

The woman on TV doesn’t really like it. She wants to redecorate and remodel.  Or “rip it all out and start again” as she just said. I predict that, as usual, they won’t like it enough to buy it.



8 thoughts on “Just Watching TV

  1. arlingwoman

    I’ve always liked the idea of a beach hut, but wowsers, that’s quite a price tag. To buy or to rent. I have never seen one of those fantasy home shows or dream home things–We have them here, I think. People always want to remodel. there wouldn’t be any drama if they didn’t.

      1. arlingwoman

        Goodness, it looks like some of them have running water. They vary quite a bit in price and I can see the reason, as some are much better outfitted. Thanks for the link!

      2. quercuscommunity

        It’s also down to the area. The ones in the New Forest seem particularly expensive as they are in a sought after area, the ones in Felixstowe, which is a bit industrial, are about the cheapest.

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