The Curfew Tolls

I thought I’d have a look at Gray’s Elegy for a title today, though many people have beaten me to it. Originally I was going to use The Dying of the Light from Dylan Thomas, but it seemed over-dramatic just for a post bemoaning the shortness of winter days.

I know that Hardy took Far from the Madding Crowd from Gray and always presumed Kubrick took Paths of Glory from himtoo. Checking with Wikipedia I now know this to be true, though it came via a novel, and two other works – a painting and a memoir, had already used it.

They used to call cigarette cards the poor man’s encyclopaedia. I suppose that this is now a fair description of Wikipedia, though the poor man in question needs a link to the internet.

Anyway, was just going to say that the lie-in worked and I am feeling refreshed but by the time I had planned the menus and switched on the computer the light is already fading and the planned photographic expedition may be postponed. Instead I will show a few shots from this morning, entitled 6.45 am in a cold car park.

The camera did quite well in low light.

I took a picture of a lost glove to add to the bleakness of the piece. Later, I may use the picture again. There was a lost hat too, which I thought about picking up. A good wash and it would have been right as rain, suitable for charity even if I didn’t need it. However, these good intentions faded in the cold.

6.45 in a cold car park – Castle Donington

I prefer summer.

Tomorrow I have a blood test. A blood test before it is light seems such a depressing thing.

6.45 in a cold car park – Castle Donington


16 thoughts on “The Curfew Tolls

      1. quercuscommunity

        I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible to be a Mainer and dislike snow. It seems to be a large feature of life in Maine. Of course, my sample of Mainers is just you two and Jessica Fletcher so I may be wrong.

      2. Laurie Graves

        Plenty of Mainers complain about snow. Then, when it’s hot in the summer, they also complain. I guess some people will whine, no matter the weather. 😉

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  2. tootlepedal

    I think the the dying of the light is quite appropriate for this time of year. It is the thought that it is only going to get worse for another month which is so lowering. Incidentally, I saw a reference to a haibun in a newspaper today and was very pleased to know what it was.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Good to know my missionary work is bearing fruit. 🙂

      I agree about the thought of another month of declining day length. At this time of year I’m always glad I don’t live in the north.


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