What Annoyed Me Today?

There have been four things that annoyed me today, but the new mellow me has ignored two of them and laughed at another.

There’s very little I can do about them so why bother worrying?

The only one that still annoys me is the man I saw whilst shopping this afternoon. A shopping bag had dropped off a display and instead of moving it or replacing it on the display he simply trod on it and walked on.

It’s not a good way to behave, particularly as he had a small child with him. When you wonder where the bad citizens of tomorrow come from, with no manners, no respect and no idea of helping others, I suggest that this might be a clue.

Only a short post for today. Julia has had a day off – she’s made stew and dumplings with apple crumble to follow and I want to give that my full attention now.






13 thoughts on “What Annoyed Me Today?

  1. The Belmont Rooster

    Glad to hear about the new you! I always said if you can’t fix it, don’t complain about it. But, when we are out and about, there is always something that can trigger our attitude toward others. Like you, seeing the guy walk on the bag instead of moving it is irritating for sure. I agree with you about how our young people learn from the bad habits of their parents… GREAT POST!

  2. Andrew Petcher

    What really irritates me is people who take things off the shelves in supermarkets and then change their minds and just leave them somewhere else because they can’t be bothered to take them back to where they picked them up!


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