Some Photographs

This is what happens whe you are on a mission to post every day, when your wife is going mad looking for something and you can’t concentrate because of the noise and bustle. Yes, twenty four days into the 100 day self-imposed challenge and I’m sticking in three photos to make sure I don’tmiss a day.

I really should do better.


Silver Birch Clumber Park


Clumber Park


Dead Trees –  Clumber Park



20 thoughts on “Some Photographs

      1. Donnalee

        I don’t have the oomph right now. I had pneumonia for maybe the last three weeks or so, including yet another tremendously fun death/near-death experience when I forgot what the prompt to cough and breathe meant and sort of coasted above my body in nice light and whathaveyou, and it felt great. It did cheer me up no end that the last two out of three have been very fun. On the other hand, it’s not really a habit one would want to cultivate–

      2. quercuscommunity

        Sorry to hear that. I hope you are recovering. In some ways it’s a pity you enjoy the floating and stuff – it must be tempting just to carry on instead of coming back. Definitely not a habit to cultivate.

      3. Donnalee

        Fortunately they seem to be self-determining as to duration–they happen when they happen, and stop when they stop. I have never gotten any of the ones where the voice of dog or someone asks if you want to go back and tidy things up etc. They were all either mne freaking out because of being dead unexpectedly and it being No Fun At All, or me not freaking out because of being dead unexpectedly and it being fun. *shrug* I am unsure when this last one stopped but I did indeed wake up the next day, so it stopped sometime. It does take a bit out of one, though, or maybe it’s all the chocolate I consume when I am alive that contributes….

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