It Starts with an Earthquake

We had an interesting start to the day when Number One son texted to say they had had an earthquake in Malta. It wasn’t exactly traumatic – apparently it woke him up by rattling his wardrobe and then he went back to sleep.

This is similar to my experience with earthquakes. I’ve been in two, both in Nottingham. In one there was just a moderate bang and the pictures shifted on the walls. In the other there was a vibration lasting ten or fifteen seconds, like a passing train. Ornaments rattled and all the neighbours went out onto the street to see what had happened. I know that last bit because I went out too.

Julia was in those two, and also in an earlier one where people from one end of the building she was in to ask what the shaking was. There had been no shaking at her end. of the building.

I’m sure some of you have much more interesting earthquake stories but I’m not, as I have noted before, very exciting.

The journey to work was much easier than yesterday. This was good as I had nest boxes to build. One of the volunteers in the gardens has cut up his scrap timber and we have enough wood cut to make 12 boxes. Some it is oak. These are going to be excellent boxes.

It was Julia’s job to provide a fully charged drill and mine to use it to screw four of the boxes together. Easy enough, you would think, but one of us (and I will mention no names) didn’t do their job and after half a box the battery ran out.

I will say no more.

I didn’t say much at the time either, I merely sipped coffee, nibbled a biscuit and remarked in passing that it was a shame that there would be homeless birds this spring because someone couldn’t perform a simple task like plugging a battery charger in.

I’m getting good at this zen stuff.

Then I took some photos and went to work.Β Nothing much happened after that. This evening I’m going to look at the leaf photos and think deep thoughts. Or fall asleep in front of the TV.



28 thoughts on “It Starts with an Earthquake

  1. Clare Pooley

    I have only experienced one earthquake and that was the one in February 2008. It was like a train passing close by or a very heavy heavy-goods vehicle driving past. It caused a few cracks in the plaster throughout the house. I couldn’t think what it was and went outside but as we live in a remote area I was on my own!
    The leaves are beautiful and worth staring at for some time.

  2. Laurie Graves

    In Maine, we have earthquakes much like the ones you have described. Mild, and that is just fine with me. As for the rest boxes… surely there will be another chance to put them together? πŸ˜‰

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, though we are running out of time as I’m not officially allowed on site (conflict of interest having husband and wife working together, as previously discussed) so can only do Friday mornings.

  3. jodierichelle

    Your photos are lovely and make me jealous. Love everything – the signs, the flowers & foliage, the green house, the bird box pieces, and the amazing compost piles.

  4. jodierichelle

    Here’s an interesting tidbit from one of my earthquakes (NJ – USA – not a biggie) – I was in the garden and my husband was mowing the lawn when the kids came screaming out of the house. They felt it inside & things actually fell off shelves. But the two parents outside felt nothing.

  5. Helen

    I never heard a bang during earthquakes when I lived in Greece – the only time was in Leeds. So, having heard your report of a bang in Nottingham, I am interested to find out more.

    Anyway, the earthquakes I experienced in Greece were 6 on the Richter scale – strong but with properly built houses not dangerous particularly – it was quite amusing sitting in a wobbling chair and watching indoor plants swaying about. Happy days 😊

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m sure ours were only about 4 so not much to worry about compared to yours in Greece – still a bit alarming when you’ve grown up without ever experiencing one. πŸ™‚

  6. tootlepedal

    I was in an overnight earthquake when staying in a hotel in the Dolomites. It shook the furniture quite a lot and alarmed me. No one mentioned it at all the next morning.


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