End of the Week

I have taken Number Two Son to work. I have navigated through an unexpected diversion and a set of roadworks that weren’t supposed to be there tonight.

Now, as a large, clear moon shines outside, I am am sneaking in a quick extra post. Today was a lovely sunny day, though I didn’t appreciate the fact until I stepped out of the shop at 4pm. Most of my day had consisted of parcels, computer screens and a bundle of old maps.

Apart from chatting to a couple of customers and drinking coffee, that was my day.

It’s likely that this will be as good as it gets for the next seven years, at which point I will retire and fade away. I’ve not quite worked out the best way to grow old disgracefully but it will probably include excessive facial hair, passing rude comments in a loud voice and wearing clothes that make it look like I dressed in the dark.

I’ve already made a start on all three.



16 thoughts on “End of the Week

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m maintaining an open mind on this one – all thhings are possible. Well, apart from a career in gymnastics and a Nobel Prize for Physics. I may have left it a bit late for that. 🙂

      1. tootlepedal

        Tut tut. People are always earnestly telling us that anything is possible if you only dream hard enough. It’s bollocks of course but people do keep saying that.

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