A Few Loose Ends

We went to the garage this morning – Julia had a ride on the ramp and I watched as the car cost me another £65.

Julia bought breakfast at McDonalds – yes, I’m ashamed of myself – and I dropped her off at work before going to work myself.

We only had two questions to answer and three parcels to post so I’d finished by the time everryone else turned up.

We sold one of these today – less than 24 hours after putting it on. Judging from the poertraits it commemorates the marriage of a monkey to an unsuccessful professional pugilist.


Royal Wedding medallion

Work went, as work does – a few customers, sorting some halfpennies, answering the phone, more things to put on eBay, then, as we were getting ready to go, two people bought things and we had two more parcels to do.

Back at home, I picked up my post, which informed me that I’d passed my blood test and have three weeks before the next one.

Eating tea and relaxing, I was distirbed by a text asking for a lift. Number Two son is on the way back from Manchester airport after returning from his German holiday.

And that, I think, is everything up to date.

Well, not quite. Just had a phone call to say No2 son is waiting in Sheffield after the Nottingham train was cancelled.

And while I think of it – I had an email from the farm (the venue for the original Quercus group). The ariel photo shows many changes, but the song remains the same. They have another community group running and are once again asking for cash. two years after getting rid of us they don’t seem much further forward. Maybe there will be a different outcome this time. Maybe…

I’ve blocked them from sending more emails.


16 thoughts on “A Few Loose Ends

  1. Andrew Petcher

    The train services are appalling. Last month I used the train to Manchester Airport and back.. The return journey was cancelled!

    That medallion is brilliant, I think I would have bought it!

  2. Laurie Graves

    Oh, the snappy comment about the monkey and the unsuccessful professional pugilist made me laugh! The last part of this post was not as funny. Did the place that got rid of you really ask you for money, or am i misreading this? At any rate,very sensible to block them.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, they wanted to maximise the cash they drew so, despite the fact we’d been paying rent for 5 years they ended up throwing us out. They were always keen on drawing grants and charitable donations too. 🙁


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