Odds and Sods

The header picture is a sunset and thistles in the car park near the Scallop at Aldeburgh. Here’s another one, plus a lamp post shot from Aldeburgh. It seems a shame to waste a sunset when you have a camera in your hand. There’s a cobweb in there somewhere too.



According to this article the pub sign – The Magpie at Little Stonham on the A140 in Suffolk – is unique in the UK for having a gallows sign across the road.



Having recently driven under the sign for The George in Stamford and The Green Man and Black’s Head in Ashbourne I can confidently say that if “unique” means “one of at least three” the article is correct. If, however, “unique” still retains its original meaning, then the article’s research is incredibly sloppy.

Why is it that some people can get published when others (no matter how handsome, charismatic and talented) can’t? Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Finally, a football card. I’ve been putting them on  eBay.  Enter 45 names and numbers, take 45 photos, rotate and tidy 45 photos…

It’s Duncan Edwards.  He was selected for the National Morris and Sword Dancing Festival whilst at school, but went to a football trial instead. The rest is history.

Duncan Edwards

Duncan Edwards – Manchester United



12 thoughts on “Odds and Sods

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    Good timing, good remembering to use both wits and camera when seeing such a gorgeous sunset. The thistles add great composition and artistry to the photo. Well done. Oh and please don’t say it was pure luck…😉

  2. Andrew Petcher

    If I was being pedantic I would say that Little Stonham is completely freestanding, Ashbourne is only half free standing and Stamford is not free standing at all.

    I really like the thistle pictures.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was lucky with the thistles – we parked the car and they were there in front of us. All I had to do was crouch down to capture the sunset. Then I had to get up again…

      As for pedantry, everyone needs a hobby. 🙂


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