Southend or Saxmundham?

After a breakfast of porridge and croissants in our room (the porridge was the sort where you pour boiling water into a plastic pot) we didn’t feel the need for food for most of the day.

We did indulge in a snack when we arrrived in Southend-on-Sea but the four miserly doughnuts and two cups of tea merely showed us how good we’d had it on Monday. They certainly didn’t fill much of a gap. The cost of today’s snack was £7.40, with the miserable skinny doughnuts being £1 each. The tea wasn’t even full!

According to Wikipedia Southend is the 11th most expensive place to live in Britain. With doughnuts at £1 each you can see why.

What a contrast to Saxmundham when we visited later that day.

Before that we had failed to get fish & chips in Aldeburgh (having been told several times how good they were). The queue was just too long and there were only two people serving. We tried several times but the queue never seemed to get shorter.

A disaster was averted when Saxmundham came to mind. It had seemed a decent place when we stayed near there at Christmas so why not try there, I reasoned. If there were no chips there were two supermarkets so we could at least buy something. (Julia was ravenous by this time and she’s not at her most cheery when unfed).

We had cod and sausage and chips and ate them in the car. That’s not some fiendish combination of flavours – Julia had the fish and I had the sausage (and some fish as there was a lot of it). We didn’t bother with peas as they can be tricky, even with the liitle wooden fork traditionally supplied by chip shops.

They came from “The Trawler’s Catch”, which we selected simply by driving past and finding it had car parking nearby.

The shop was chaotic as one man tried to cope with walk-in trade and telephone orders. Julia ordered a large haddock and a large battered sausage, both with chips. We ended up with two medium cod a small battered sausage, a small plain sausage and a discount.

You have to admire a man who can put together a deal like that.

So, the service was great, and distinctive.

The chips were very good.

The sausages were good.

And the fish was the best I’ve had in years with big, fresh, tasty flakes. I think I’ll polish up the word “superb” for this review – I don’t often use it but it seems appropriate today.

So remember – The Trawler’s Catch, Saxmundham for superb cod and chips.




26 thoughts on “Southend or Saxmundham?

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      1. Clare Pooley

        My brother is not thin and healthy at all, he enjoys his food and drink too much. But not fish and chips I think. My husband has recently lost a lot a weight and since doing so has been told he may have throat/stomach cancer and while he was having a test for this at hospital was told he also has an uneven heart-rate and low blood-pressure. He probably doesn’t have anything wrong with his throat/stomach thank goodness, but he may have to have a pacemaker fitted. He was healthier before he lost weight!

      2. quercuscommunity

        I hope everything starts to get better with immediate effect. It can be a troubling time whilst waiting for results. It’s good that the throat/stomach seems OK. Hopefully everything else will be sorted soon too.

        It’s strange that I long for lower blood pressure but to other people it can be a cause for concern.

      3. quercuscommunity

        Yes, we once had someone pass out on the farm due to low blood pressure – quite alarming. Thanks for the best wishes – I don’t really deserve them as my blood pressure is self-inflicted. Fortunately the pills are working. 🙂

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    1. quercuscommunity

      We went back tonight before 5pm – there were small queues at both shops in the High St but we were served fairly quickly. Excellent fish and chips, but no better than the ones at Saxmundham.

  3. Helen

    The first and chips sounds delicious! A bit far for a day out but worth bearing in mind for the future. Never been to Southend either but after your review I doubt even more I will make it.


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