Cerebration and some Unfortunate Events

We’ve been having a lot of encounters with emergency vehicles recently, what with the accidental arsonist, the crash outside the shop and the neighbour who locked himself out. (It seems he told the fire brigade he’d left a pan on the hob, which was why they let him in without sending him a bill).

Last week we had the fire brigade again – an out of control barbecue that set a neighbour’s bins on fire. (It must have been very out of control to do that as it had to jump a fence to do it. Looks like a lot of lighter fluid must have been involved). Earlier this week there was an ambulance at the far end of the road.

Then yesterday we went to see my Dad, using the A1, or Great North The last few trips have been tricky – we have had several trips where we’ve been caught in queues – once for an accident and twice for roadworks.

Things ran true to recent form, and just south of Grantham we ground to a halt. It must have been a fresh accident, as we saw all the emergency vehicles pass us on their way to the front of the queue. They were delayed once by the driver behind us, who decided to occupy the space between the two lanes rather than pull over and let the police cars through. They were also, in one case, followed by a motorcycle.

Things like queuing, manners and road safety seem to be optional for some road users.

It all went well, considering. It was reasonably cool, it cleared in around an hour and, as the ambulance was still there when we left, we assume nobody was seriously injured.

While waiting, I performed a little cerebration (yes, I’ve been reading that website again!) and took a few photos, though by the time I’d used my mirror, done the lorry in front and photographed the temperature on the dashboard I’d pretty much exhausted the range of photographic possibilities. The verge was very dull, so I didn’t bother with it. You can only see a certain amount of litter without getting annoyed.

In the early 60’s I was in the Mayor of Blackburn’s Anti Litter League. I lost the badge but still have the certificate and loathing of litter. There seems to be nothing on the internet about us, something which I intend to correct as soon as possible, but that’s another story.

Sorry about the state of the windscreen.

20 thoughts on “Cerebration and some Unfortunate Events

  1. Donnalee

    I hate litter too, and was shocked to be walking along with a lovely Irish friend in Newcastle a hundred years back, and for her to intentionally throw litter on the ground. I commented on it a bit stiffly, not wanting to be preachy but wanting to condemn actually, and she said in all innocence that she does it on purpose to give the streetsweepers a job, since she was poor too.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Recently at the cinema, I saw someone unwrap a straw and just throw the paper on the floor of the lobby. What the heck! On a more positive note…”cerebration” is a new word for me, which I’m always happy to acquire.

  3. Andrew Petcher

    I am at a loss to understand the mentality of motorists who throw litter from their vehicles. Surely it is no hardship to take it home and dispose of it properly!


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