Southwold Pier (Part 2)

After the cream tea we went to…

I’ve just realised I didn’t give you a proper report of the cream tea. I don’t seem to have photographed the fully assembled tea either. Sorry about that. The scones were nice and light, the cream unbranded (but none the worse for that, and it used less packaging) and the jam was the equal of any we’ve had recently. Having said that, most jam is just fruit and sugar so it’s hard to get it wrong. What made it better than most, was the view of Southwold in the sparkling summer sun.

I’ve been reading about how things like description and presentation can make food taste better. It seems wrong, and suggests humans are weak-minded, but it does seem to be true. It also seems to suggest that an average cream tea in a cafe with a great view can become a great cream tea.

I also forgot to tell you about the grandmother/mother conversation about beach huts. You can get one for about Β£10,000, which is small change for a millionaire, but a lot of money for a Β£500 garden shed built where gales tend to blow. They agreed that some beach huts were ridiculously expensive, which is true – some of them are. They also agreed that beach huts would be better with showers and toilets. This is probably true too, but really misses the point of the beach hut, which is really a throw-back to the 1950s.

From there we moved on to the Under the Pier Show, an arcade featuring the work of mad inventor Tim Hunkin.


The Under the Pier Show

You may remember him from various TV programmes and Sunday magazines. He’s clearly unhinged but very funny.

In many ways it sums up the pier – inventive, funny and original.

The theming of waste bins, food carts and cafe lamp shades is another nice touch.


Looks like this is going to run to three parts. Here’s a taster of what comes next.


Eric Blair lived in Southwold – he liked Suffolk so much he took the name of the River Orwell as his pen name. As a Socialist he probably looked into the future and decided being called Blair was just too embarrassing.

19 thoughts on “Southwold Pier (Part 2)

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  3. Laurie Graves

    What a view! The plainest food would be enhanced by that beauty. As far as I know, we don’t have beach huts in Maine. At least I’ve never seen any. What summer fun you and Julia are having. And I am having vicarious fun by reading your blog.

  4. jfwknifton

    I think Eric Blair may perhaps have changed his name to avoid his family history harming his book sales. When it was admittedly legal to do so, they kept 218 slaves. When slavery was abolished, they received Β£4,442 compensation, the equivalent of Β£3 million today. There’s a couple of household name film stars out there with the same murky background.

  5. Lavinia Ross

    I’ve been away for a bit, and it is good to see you and Julia again! Sounds like you had a good cream tea, and I do thank you for the interesting note on George Orwell, too.

    1. quercuscommunity

      We’ve had several good cream teas. πŸ™‚

      Orwell is a very interesting man, though I’ve often thought that, like a number of my literary heroes, he wouldn’t think much of me.

  6. Donnalee

    Are there any old pinball machines in any of these arcades? If so, i would move in and play them forever. They’d have to be made say 1980 and earlier–


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