An Evening in the Marshes

After we’d had our chips we took a drive out into the marshes and Julia took a walk along the beach. I need a firmer footing so I stayed inland with the camera.

As I pottered about the marshes taking blurred photos of larks and pipits a hare came for a look. It’s strange how things always seem to pose awkwardly. In this case the hare managed to stay behind the intrusive fence wire. Then I failed to photograph a Cormorant, a Marsh Harrier and a flight of Oystercatchers.

I ended up at Blakeney harbour taking pictures of boats that were stuck in the mud. They are much easier than birds.

The car park is free to National Trust members, which was the high point of the holiday for me.

I could offer a more insightful view into marshland, tourism and the National Trust, but I won’t, because I’m feeling quite relaxed after looking at the photos and remembering the evening.

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    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, I’m pleased to note that this year I’m adding quite a few species to the list of things I’ve not photographed. It’s a sign that my eyes are good even though my reflexes are obviously deteriorating.


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