Sun, Sea and Sand. And Sunburn.

I’m sitting here with several hundred photographs and experiencing that warm glow well known to bald men who forget their sun hats in the middle of a heatwave. It’s quite sore at the moment, though it’s nothing like it has been for the last few days. I never knew that my scalp flexed so much until it became painful to move.

In just a few hours I returned to a simpler time, to an era when sun wasn’t linked to skin cancer, and I was a carefree youth. I spent a week walking around Norfolk in 1976 and lost the skin off my back and shoulders. Since then I have been more careful – until I hit my second childhood this week. Anyone who is familiar with Swan Vestas will be able to imagine what I look like. (If you aren’t familiar, they are matches with pale stems and bright red heads).

We just had a few days in East Anglia. I’ve been taking more exercise than usual and getting more sleep so despite having plenty of material to write about I’ve not done much. Sorry about. When I eventually change the name of the blog I’m considering The Lazy Blogger as a title. It’s not only an accurate title but it’s pretty close to what Julia calls me all the time.

I’m just getting back into my stride – it was the sort of holiday you need a holiday to recover from. Seven piers, two forts and a nature reserve don’t see themselves. I also had to consume two lots of haddock and chips and a cream tea for the purposes of research. Lesser men would have wilted under the pressure. I merely whined a little.

All will be revealed in due course.

For now I offer a selection of photographs of Julia in holiday mood.



23 thoughts on “Sun, Sea and Sand. And Sunburn.

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    Your holiday looks like a lot of fun. Himself puts on the sunscreen over head and thinning hair like rubbing on shampoo, and wears the hat. You could have purchased something as a souvenier of your good time. But…it’s now a memory that will stay above you for a bit.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I passed on the chance to buy a hat on the afternoon of the first day as I was sure it was in the back of the car somewhere. I still couldn’t find it next day, and didn’t see any to buy. Then it finally shook loose from a fold in my coat.

      By that time a combination of parsimony and stupidity had already doomed the top of my head to fry.

  2. jodierichelle

    Glad the sunburn is feeling better. When I was a kid, there was suntan lotion and suntan oil, but no sunscreen. My parents would smear white zinc oxide over my nose and cheeks to keep me from burning. Attractive.

  3. Laurie Graves

    Fun pictures of Julia! I admire anybody with the stamina to pull out all the stops when it comes to fish and chips and cream teas. (Oh, how I envy you!) Hope the sunburn is better. My husband, whose ancestors are from England, burns just the way you do. Ouch!

  4. Andrew Petcher

    I remember those days on the beach without sun protection cream. At the end of the day the family looked as though they had strayed close to a nuclear experiment!


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