Views from a Hill in Scarborough

On Wednesday we went up a road we’d never used before whilst following the advice of the sat-nav. I’m beginning to hate that thing. I swear it took me somewhere via the 18th Century this morning.

However, it proved to be a good place to take some photos of the North Bay.

I’ve been trying to get a photo of this sculpture for years but there are always people around it. This time I made them part of the story.

Freddie Gilroy Statue and some artists

Freddie Gilroy Statue and some artists


Sorry it’s another short post. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal in the next couple of days.


8 thoughts on “Views from a Hill in Scarborough

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, once I decided to use the people in the picture it all fell into place.

      I’m with Jackie on this one – I’m going to start planning my driving properly again.

  1. jodierichelle

    That’s actually quite interesting to see the people around the sculpture. One guy looks like he’s taking a light meter and another guy looks like he’s playing the air guitar.


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